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Posted February 27, 2020 in Aviation by Janine St.Denis

If a superyacht is an ultimate opportunity for escape, a private jet is an essential tool for getting you to your yacht in a comfortable, stress-free and timely way. Northrop & Johnson has partnered with NetJets, the global leader in private aviation for more than 55 years, to escort clients to the world’s most stunning cruising grounds in absolute style.

Flying with NetJets not only affords high levels of security; it provides a means to escape media attention, the masses and the complexities of daily life. From hassle-free check-in to unrivaled service up in the air and the flexibility to travel on your own terms, there are many advantages to flying with NetJets.


The NetJets Experience


  • 5,000 airports in more than 200 countries
  • Fleet of more than 750 aircraft worldwide
  • 4 luxury cabin classes
  • Fly with as few as four hours’ notice
  • Three programs to suit your needs: NetJets Share,
  • NetJets Lease, NetJets Marquis Card


  • Dedicated Owner Services Team available 24/7,
  • including weekends and holidays
  • Highly trained flight attendants keep you comfortable in-flight
  • Extraordinary efforts to make every flight-specific
  • to your individual tastes and timeline
  • From catering and ground transportation to special event requests, the NetJets Logistics Team ensures its all seamlessly provided


  • Pilots with experience seven times the industry standard
  • Pilots participate in two rigorous training sessions per year
  • Constant weather monitoring by FAA-approved meteorologists
  • A reliable fleet and strong partnerships with aircraft manufacturers ensure private jets meet exacting
    aircraft safety standards at all times

In addition to its alignment with Northrop & Johnson, NetJets builds special partnerships with other like-minded brands in various categories to offer Owners one-of-a-kind experiences:

  • Golf
  • Equestrian Sports
  • Food & Wine
  • Motorsports
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Arts & Culture


Embraer Phenom 300

Traveling to Antigua from Palm Beach for a celebratory yacht charter with friends? Then this is the jet for you. This light jet’s range, speed and reliability are among the best available while its cabin offers comfort and amenities usually found only on larger aircraft. With a capacity to carry up to six passengers, NetJets recommends the Embraer Phenom 300 for smaller travel parties.

Best Use

  • Palm Beach to Antigua
  • Three couples celebrating birthdays

By the Numbers

  • Passengers: 6
  • Max endurance: 4 hours
  • Baggage: 74ft³
  • Cabin Height: 4.9f

Cessna Citation 1

Cessna Citation Latitude

One of the most popular midsize cabin private jets in the world, Cessna’s Citation Latitude delivers luxury and comfort to all its passengers. With the amenities of a large cabin jet combined with the performance of a light jet, this stylish aircraft boasts up to seven hours of flight time with a range of just over 3,000 miles (dependent on wind conditions and passenger numbers). Craving the heat of the sun on your skin come spring? Take off from Paris, and you will be cruising the Greek Islands before you know it, though you won’t feel the need to arrive in a hurry when traveling in such comfort. Offering stand-up headroom throughout the cabin’s entire length, this aircraft is equipped with best-in-class Wi-Fi, as well as NetJets’ dedicated In-Flight Entertainment System.

Best Use

  • Paris to Athens
  • Seven friends celebrating the sale of their business

By the Numbers

  • Passengers: 7
  • Max endurance: 7 hours
  • Baggage: 100ft³
  • Cabin Height: 6ft

Bombardier Global 1

Bombardier Global 6000

The Global 6000 is perfect for arriving in style with family and friends. Heading from New York to cruise the glittering coastline of Sardinia with the children and grandparents? With a 13.5-hour range, you’ll be able to get to your preferred cruising ground from just about anywhere on board the Global 6000. A private room for those looking for uninterrupted rest while up in the air will ensure guests arrive relaxed and refreshed,
and a highly trained and experienced NetJets flight attendant will keep all passengers comfortable throughout the flight.

Best Use

  • New York to Sardinia
  • Multigenerational family on summer vacation

By the Numbers

  • Passengers: 13
  • Max endurance: 13.5 hours
  • Baggage: 195ft³
  • Cabin Height: 6.25ft

For more information on arriving in style with NetJets, click here.

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