Posted September 18, 2017 in Aviation by Janine St.Denis

Helicopters are a wonderful mode of transportation, which allow you to easily access hard-to-reach places at ease; however, they are not known for speed. Airbus is hoping to change that with its new design concept, Project Racer. Racer stands for “rapid and cost-effective rotorcraft.” Airbus anticipates that Project Racer will cruise at speeds up to 250 mph. Unveiled at the Paris Air Show this summer as part of the European Clean Sky 2 program, Project Racer will boast one-of-a-kind technology and a number of advanced features.

Project Racer will have a box-wing design combining two fixed wings, allowing for an energy efficient lift, propeller for energy efficient propulsion and a main rotor that will provide an energy-efficient vertical takeoff and landing. Airbus says, this “will provide lift in cruise mode while isolating passengers during ground operations from the ‘pusher’ lateral rotors designed to generate thrust in forward flight.” Project Racer will be outfitted with two RTM322 engines and a hybrid metallic-composite airframe that is specifically designed for low weight and low recurring costs.

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