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Top 4 reasons why you should sell your yacht now

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Top Reasons

1. Low inventory ensures high visibility for your yacht

Just like the automotive industry, the yachting industry has been impacted by recent disturbances in the supply chain, creating a back backlog of new yachts. As such, the brokerage market is hotter than ever before as new and seasoned owners clamor to find their next yacht. Now is the ideal opportunity to strategically place your yacht on the market.

Yacht owner using computer at office on board his yacht

2. The seller's market means your yacht will sell at the best possible price

The concept of supply and demand is in full effect in the yachting industry. There are few yachts for sale available on the market, so sellers are able to name and get their prices, much like the current scenario in the housing market. Because of this low supply and high demand, sellers are able to list and sell at their optimum price.

Yacht owner enjoying refreshments on board

3. Market conditions offer sellers exceptional leverage and negotiating power

Limited stock puts buyers at a disadvantage as there are so few yachts on the market. This provides the seller with unprecedented negotiating power. Yachts on the market are moving faster and often are being sold sight unseen because of the limited number of yachts available.

4. Buyers want a new yacht before summer, so spring is the perfect time to enter the market

Summer is prime time for yachting and boating and many buyers want to have a new yacht in the water before the summer season starts, ensuring the months of April and May as the hottest time to sell.