MIDEM 2024 Yacht Charter

Happening January 24 - 27, 2024

MIDEM 2024: Where Music Meets Business

MIDEM is the leading event for music industry professionals, held annually in Cannes along the heart of the French Riviera. The four-day conference, held at the Cannes Palais de Festival, unites leaders across the global music industry with an action-packed roster of seminars, workshops, networking events, and, of course, music. A France MIDEM 2024 yacht charter offers the ideal way to experience the event and host client meetings in style. 

Elevate Your Experience with a MIDEM 2024 Yacht Charter

A luxury yacht charter is ideal for those seeking the pinnacle of corporate hospitality and a truly spectacular experience at MIDEM+24. 

Chartering a private yacht with Northrop & Johnson allows you to enjoy the event to the fullest and benefit from having your own private venue to host client meetings or entertain guests in style. A luxury MIDEM 2024 yacht charter branded with company banners and flags affords an incredible opportunity to present an exceptionally high profile at the event. 

Why choose Northrop & Johnson for a MIDEM yacht rental?

Northrop & Johnson is a leading yacht brokerage with access to the best MIDEM 2024 yachts for charter, including vessels built by pedigree boat builders. Our team will help secure the most coveted and in-demand berths right next to the Cannes Palais de Festival, offering exceptional convenience and visibility. 

All of our MIDEM 2024 yacht rentals boast incredible onboard amenities, luxury interiors, and a world-class crew that will cater to your needs, including private chefs. Host an intimate corporate lunch, a round-table or media event, or an extravagant after-party guaranteed to impress your guests. A MIDEM yacht charter also offers luxurious accommodation for your chosen guests. 

Our luxury charter brokers will be able to help you choose your ideal MIDEM 2024 yacht charter and handle your every need, from catering arrangements to branding, professional DJs, entertainment, and transportation to and from the show. Contact our team today to secure your MIDEM 2024 yacht charter

MIDEM 2024: The World’s Premiere Music Event

MIDEM features some of the world’s most brilliant musical minds who gather to share, learn, and shape the future. With captivating conference sessions featuring insights from influential speakers, attendees gain unique perspectives on the industry’s current landscape and future directions. In addition to the wealth of knowledge, MIDEM+24 offers electrifying concerts, providing an opportunity to experience groundbreaking performances and discover new talent.

The theme of MIDEM 2024 is ‘distortion’ and is designed to challenge conventions, embrace the unexpected, and celebrate the disruptive power of music. It’s a rallying cry for those unafraid to challenge the status quo, disrupt traditional norms, and forge a new path for the music industry.

Rent a yacht for MIDEM 2024

Whether you’re a decision-maker driving the music industry forward, a music enthusiast, or a professional seeking to stay ahead of the curve, MIDEM+24 offers a dynamic forum and a hub for thought leadership. Northrop & Johnson has decades of experience chartering the finest luxury superyachts for MIDEM 24. Let our team connect you with your ideal vessel. Contact us today. 

Yachts for Charter MIDEM 2024

Charter your yacht for the musical event of the year - The MIDEM 2024

Know before you go


When and where is MIDEM+24 taking place in 2024?

MIDEM+24 is scheduled to be held from January 24 to January 27, 2024. The event will take place at the Cannes Palais des Festivals, France, offering a scenic backdrop for the convergence of music and innovation.

How can I register for MIDEM+24 and purchase event passes?

Registration and pass purchase for MIDEM+24 can be done through the event’s official website. Visit MIDEM+24’s website for registration details, pricing, and pass options.

Who are the target attendees for MIDEM+24?

MIDEM+24 caters to a diverse audience within the music industry, including music professionals, artists, innovators, decision-makers, and enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned industry expert or a newcomer passionate about music, there’s a place for you at MIDEM+24.

What does the conference program at MIDEM+24 include?

The conference program at MIDEM+24 is extensive and covers a wide range of topics, from emerging trends and technologies in the music industry to discussions on business strategies, marketing, and copyright issues. It also features panel discussions, keynote speakers, and workshops, providing valuable insights for attendees.

How can I book a MIDEM 2024 yacht charter?

To book a MIDEM 2024 yacht charter, contact the charter brokers at Northrop & Johnson. Our expert team will guide you through the process and help you choose the right yacht for your needs.

What types of yachts are available for charter at MIDEM 2024?

Northrop & Johnson offers a superb selection of MIDEM 2024 yachts for charter, from elegant motor boats to the world’s most extravagant superyachts. Browse our luxury yachts for charter or contact us and let us help you select the type and size of yacht that best suits your preferences.

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