Aeolian Islands Yacht Charter

Aeolian Islands Guide

Whitewashed villages, azure skies and a rich cultural heritage – the glories of the Greek Ionian Islands continue to seduce the yachting crowd. Each of the Ionian islands is a unique world suffused with its own charm. As such this East Med archipelago is a charterer’s paradise, providing endless cruising itineraries. Steeped in legend – Homer’s mythical hero Odysseus ended his quest on Ithaca – island-hop from ancient towns to ruined temples, from sandy beaches to lively waterfront towns, finding your own hidden treasures as you go.


The archipelagos of Greece are suffused with intrigue, adorned with whitewashed houses and stunning beaches lapped by the beautiful warm waters of the Ionian Sea. Located off the northwest coast of mainland Greece, the seven Ionian Islands run from the basin of the Adriatic to the Peloponnese. Encapsulating the beauty of the Greek countryside combined with a distinct Venetian flavor, thanks to their proximity to Italy, the archipelago deliver mythic grandeur in spades. The most verdant islands in the region, the waters offer some of the best sailing in the Mediterranean with bright blue skies and stuff afternoon breezes.

From the bustling fishing harbors of Zakynthos and Corfu to the tranquil fishing villages of Levkas and Ithaca, island hop and discover secluded beaches, welcoming locals and fascinating archaeological sites. Once home to the legendary Greek king Odysseus, a pioneering island hopper himself, the Ionian island chain provides endless compelling charter possibilities.

Location Highlights

  • With reliable winds in the south at Vassiliki, Levkas is ideal for windsurfing
  • Kayak the subterranean lake in the cave of Melissani
  • Hang out at Ben’s Bar on Monodendri Beach, Paxos
  • Shop the boutiques along the bustling shorefront on Zakynthos
  • Tender to the uninhabited Atokos Island for a picnic lunch ashore
  • Hike up to the Venetian castle that dominates the island of Paxos

Expert Advice

The Ionian island chain is one of the most popular cruising grounds in the Mediterranean. With plenty of hidden coves and secluded beaches, they allow for a remarkable charter itinerary whether sailing or cruising on a motor yacht. Corfu is the ideal place to embark and set sail through the archipelago. For an extended itinerary, begin (or end) your charter in Athens, home to some of the most spectacular historical sites in Greece. From there you can cruise through the Corinth Canal, past mainland Greece and on to the Ionian Sea.