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South Pacific yacht charter

When you imagine the South Pacific, the mind conjures images of idyllic, isolated white-sand beaches lined with towering palms swaying in the warm trade winds as translucent cerulean waters wash the shore. Sitting just below the equator in the Southern Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia, Tonga, the Solomon Islands, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, the Cook Islands and Vanuatu could not be better suited for luxury yacht charters. Though further afield, the journey is worth is as you hop between these South Pacific gems, enjoying the holiday of a lifetime.

Located almost mid-way between California, United States, and Australia, the French Polynesian islands certainly are worth a visit during a South Pacific yacht charter. The main island of Tahiti and its sister islands cover more than four million square miles of ocean. Comprising five archipelagos, four of which are volcanic, there are more than 118 heavenly islands with rugged highlands and low-lying valleys create stunning vistas of waterfalls and seaside cliffs.

Known as the “Friendly Islands,” Tonga is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Divided into four sections, Tongatapu, Eua, Vava’u and Ha’apai, many of the islands are striking coral and limestone atolls, providing incredible opportunity for diving. Beautiful beaches abound and local seafood restaurants provide delectable local delights such as lobster.

Home to one of the largest and most breathtaking atolls on earth, the Solomon Islands flourish with incredible sights and action. Waterfalls and volcanic peaks stand tall over lush flora and fauna and below the waterline the saltwater Marovo Lagoon is the world’s largest and is home to an impressive myriad of sea life.

The product of volcanic activity in the warm waters of the South Pacific, the coral reefs and stunning shores of Fiji draw thousands of visitors from around the world each year. During your South Pacific yacht charter of Fiji, you could laze about on the stunning black- or gold-sand beaches, or you could spend your days white water rafting, golfing The Pearl, kayaking or hiking. 

Extending in a beautiful arch above Australia, you truly can go native in Papua New Guinea. With more than 800 languages spoken on 300 islands, culture here abounds and the friendly islanders share with you as they keep their incredible traditions alive. Known to the locals as “Hawaii Down Under,” the 12 isles of the Cook Islands are nestled halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand and offer sunny weather and sunny smiles. Eighty-three islands create the archipelago of Vanuatu are perfectly poised for photographs. Here you will encounter smiling faces as you cruise the azure, translucent waters that surround these pristine islands during your South Pacific yacht charter.

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