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Navigator magazine is the quintessential guide to an inclusive, opulent travel lifestyle. Devoted to a readership that relishes luxury living and a sophisticated, adventurous spirit, Navigator is a guide to the apex of lavish travel, yachting, art, entertainment, luxury goods and more.

As a Northrop & Johnson publication, Navigator is distributed to ultra-high net worth individuals around the world, including yacht owners and charterers, leaders in financial sectors, art dealers and collectors, philanthropists and other influencers. Each issue has a print run of 10,000 copies and can be found at Northrop & Johnson offices worldwide as well as all Northrop & Johnson and Northrop & Johnson partner’s events.

Navigator luxury magazine

Spring / Summer 2017
– out now

Spring / Summer 2017 – out now

The 2017 Spring/Summer issue of Navigator, the “Quintessential guide to art, toys & opulent travel,” invites you to discover the methodology and madness behind the work of Ai Weiwei, China’s inspiring artist/activist, who’s been heralded as a 21st century Andy Warhol.

Also in this issue, we discover an underground world of fine dining as we uncover some of the world’s hottest supper clubs, find out which classic cars are making comebacks as “continuations,” get the scoop on family offices and why a fifty percent growth in the affluent population also means these offices are on the rise. We then take a spicy and inspiring trip to Madrid and explore the beauty of the Greek Isles — the perfect summer charter destination.