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In order to choose the ideal yacht to suit your desires, Northrop & Johnson brokers will advise on all options available. When buying a yacht, use our snapshot guide, which explains the various types of vessels on the market.



Defined as a vessel larger than 165-feet, a megayacht is a luxury yacht capable of accommodating guests in the utmost superfluity and comfort. Many vessels include gyms, spas, swimming pools, cinemas and other exceptional amenities on board.


Superyachts range in size between 100 and 165 feet and are perfect for family cruising and chartering. They feature an array of amenities, such as a large toy chest full of watersports equipment and ample space for guests to enjoy.

Performance motor yacht

Performance motor yachts
Performance motor yachts range in size between 80 to 100 feet and are nimble and capable of cruising shallow-water locales. These yachts quell the “need for speed,” and offer beautiful lines and stunning designs.

Classic sailing yacht

Classic sailing yachts
A classic sailing yacht is perfect for those who want to enjoy the comfort and amenities of a motor yacht, but the option to put the sails up and fly with the wind. They offer ample space and luxury amenities.

High-performance sailing yacht

High-performance sailing yachts
High-performance sailing yachts are best for those who want the traditional sailing experience on the water. Many of these yachts do not offer the utmost luxury of a modern sailing yacht, but are the superlative option for bona-fide sailors.


Available in both sail and motor, catamarans are suited for those interested in shallow-water family style cruising, discovering often-overlooked locales due to inaccessibility.


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