Delta Marine

Delta luxury yacht builder, based in Seattle, Washington, was founded in 1967 by a family with a background in building commercial fishing vessels. The family’s work led to the construction of a series of world-class expedition yachts. Delta’s desire to create technologically advanced, beautiful yachts is realized through the dedication of its skilled engineers, detailed craftsmen, facility investment, inspiration from majestic natural beauty and sense of adventure and exploration that comes from the Pacific Northwest. Seattle’s reputation as a technology capital and international center for large composite projects actualizes the innovative technological design put forth in Delta shipbuilding.

Delta’s 300,000-square-foot covered manufacturing space houses all marine trades on site, sources a number of American-made products and supplies and manufactures indoors while controlling its waste stream. Delta new construction projects are completed with the best metal and composite construction.

Delta provides an in-house engineering and design team, the Delta Design Group, which works with impeccable precision. It also offers its customers refit and repair work performed in Seattle and a dedicated point of contact.

Delta remains steadfast in its goals to build world-renowned yachts with a new generation of professionals and unparalleled technologies.