Scarlett McDougall, Yacht Management - Golfe-Juan N&J

Scarlett McDougall

Account Manager

+33 4 93 34 13 94
+33 (0) 7 49 72 63 29
Golfe-Juan Office
B51 La Capitainerie
Port Camille Rayon
Speaks: English, Spanish, Dutch, French

My Present
Hi, I'm Scarlett McDougall, currently serving as one of the Yacht Account Managers at SYM Management/Fairport Global. In my role, I meticulously oversee operational funding, expenditure, and reporting for vessels, while also tending to various bookkeeping tasks. Our team prides itself on providing unwavering support to captains, owners, and yacht managers, fostering a collaborative environment where we uplift each other.

My Past
Having traversed through various European countries like Holland and France during my upbringing, I've cultivated a well-traveled perspective and adeptness in navigating diverse cultures and languages. Prior to my tenure at SYM/Fairport Global, I honed my skills in the luxury sector, serving esteemed brands in both the UK and France. Despite my diverse professional background, my passion for the maritime industry, influenced by familial ties, led me to make the transition in March 2022.

My Future
Approaching my two-year mark with the company, I'm committed to further deepening my understanding of yachts and enhancing my confidence in discussing vessel specifics. I aspire to obtain my powerboat license and acknowledge the importance of personal growth, particularly in bolstering my self-assurance—an area my colleagues have aptly identified.

My Motto
Embracing a bubbly and enthusiastic demeanor, my motto—"Live, Love, Laugh"—embodies my ethos of embracing optimism and inspiring others to lead fulfilling lives. I firmly believe in approaching challenges with a positive mindset and empowering those around me to strive for their best selves.

My Outside-office Life
Beyond the confines of work, I find joy in indulging my passion for travel, relishing quality time with friends and family, maintaining a fitness regimen, and savoring life's simple pleasures. Having been immersed in diverse linguistic and cultural landscapes since childhood, I prioritize multilingualism as a gateway to richer experiences and deeper cultural understanding. My aspiration? To explore the globe extensively, immersing myself in its myriad cultures and landscapes.

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