Linda Kallas, Yacht Management - Golfe-Juan N&J

Linda Kallas

Business Integration Manager

+33 4 93 34 13 94
Golfe-Juan Office
B51 La Capitainerie
Port Camille Rayon
Speaks: Russian, Latvian, English, French

My Present

As Business Integration Manager, my responsibilities entail overseeing the onboarding of new clients,whether they are existing yacht owners or first-time yacht purchasers.. Drawing from over 15 years of experience, I assist clients comprehensively in legal compliance, fiscal arrangements, vessel registration, crew recruitment, and more, ensuring smooth yacht operation and ownership.

I serve as a comprehensive resource, offering guidance and direction, streamlining all aspects of yacht management and evaluating existing setups before transitioning projects to dedicated yacht managers. My role also involves travel and engagement with clients and colleagues, while staying abreast of industry regulations and supporting my team in the office.

I enjoy the dynamic nature of my work, where each day presents new challenges and opportunities for investigative endeavors.

My Past
In 2015, I joined the SYM Superyacht Management team after spending eight years with the Sunseeker London Group. My time with Sunseeker, both in London and France, provided valuable technical and service-related knowledge. It ignited my passion for the yachting industry and fostered high standards in customer service.

Transitioning to the Compliance team, I worked closely with the founder, delving into various compliance facets and spearheading diverse projects, including yacht acquisitions and refits.

My Future
My immersion in all aspects of yacht management has shaped my current role. I'm enthusiastic about the perpetual evolution of the Superyacht Industry and contributing to the company's growth. The merger with N&J and Fairport presents significant opportunities for expansion and continuous learning.

It offers a chance to deepen my understanding of diverse business practices and collaborate with colleagues from different backgrounds, fostering a rich learning environment.

My Outside-office Life

I find joy spending time on water and hiking in mountainous landscapes.

Fast Facts

  • My deepest passion lies in travel, exploring diverse cultures and cuisines.
  • I'm an avid enthusiast of British Crime Drama Series, drawn to the intricacies of criminal law and justice.
  • I aspire to delve further into criminal law and justice through future studies.

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