Felicia Klein, Yacht Management - Golfe-Juan N&J

Felicia Klein

Yacht Manager

+33 4 93 34 13 94
+33 (0) 7 81 10 24 94
Golfe-Juan Office
B51 La Capitainerie
Port Camille Rayon
Speaks: English, German, French

My Present
As a Yacht Manager, I am responsible for overseeing multiple yachts from many aspects including certification, operations, and compliance. My favourite part of the job is being in contact with the owners and crew alike, scheduling works, refits and surveys. I enjoy the diversity of the job and the many ways to find solutions to challenges.
I have been with SYM since 2014, starting as an accounting junior and working my way up to leading accounting and trainer for new accountants. In 2022 I made the change to Yacht Manager. With years of knowledge of the yachts, clients and budgets, it was interesting to work on all the other aspects of the yachts that previously was basically just a number in our monthly accounts to me.

My Past
Originally from southern Germany, I studied in Innsbruck, Austria, and Sydney, Australia. While looking for a holiday crew job in the south of France, I ended up getting a full-time job working for SYM while finishing my studies. I have always loved yachts and on holidays, I have spent many hours wandering around marinas and admiring the beautiful yachts around the world.

My Future
Looking toward the future, I aim to become an expert in compliance, flags, class, etc.
I am excited about working alongside N&J and be part of this young and dynamic team.

Fast Facts
I have been part of a team of Dugong ‘Cowboys’ as they called us. I worked for two years for a marine Wildlife conservation company that tags animals in order to check how different environmental projects affect their behavior.

I have flown and landed quite a few planes and would one day like to get my recreational pilot's license.

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