Chai Rum

This is the story of AKAL Chai Rum — the story of a unique luxury.

An original happens but once. It is a product of a time and a place — part serendipitous, part magical, it is the concurrence of idea, material, method, skill, passion and possibility.

The purest luxury is something authentic, born out of the pursuit of beauty, something quietly capable of transforming a personal moment from the ordinary to the sublime.

Bridging over 400 years of history, AKAL Chai Rum’s sprawling tale unites the 17th century India of the East with the Caribbean of the West. The result of a chance meeting upon the oceans, it is the improbable marriage of the delicate and complex tea plant to the robust sugarcane grass. Embracing over fifteen exotic flowers and botanicals through a secret method, chai rum transforms what was once regarded as simple and sweet into something complex and utterly sophisticated. Rum has finally come of age.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to "the official luxury rum of superyachts".

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