Vanessa Jiron Promoted to Chief of Staff

Posted February 8, 2022 in Company by Morgan Crowe

Northrop & Johnson is proud to announce Vanessa Jiron’s internal promotion to Chief of Staff. Vanessa has spent more than 10 years with N&J. Her dedication, service and loyalty have been integral to her success within the firm. Since she joined the company, Vanessa has continuously exceeded expectations through various promotions, moving up the ranks in the company and becoming an invaluable asset along the way. Vanessa began her career with N&J as Group Coordinator. She then was promoted to Event Coordinator and later Fort Lauderdale Office Manager. For the past three years, Vanessa was Northrop & Johnson’s Director of Administration, where she was responsible for overseeing the global administration of all offices.

In her new role as Chief of Staff, Vanessa will oversee all staffing globally. Furthermore, she is an integral part of the executive team, helping drive action and evolution throughout the company. Vanessa will support the President & COO Daniel Ziriakus while leading and implementing various strategic projects around the globe. In her role, she will focus on operations to maintain a seamless workflow throughout the company. Vanessa’s strong administrative and organizational skills, proactive mindset and team-player mentality will contribute to her success in her new position.

“We are very proud to announce Vanessa’s internal promotion. Her unwavering dedication to the team is remarkable. Her 10 years of success with the firm are a testament to her character and grit. We are excited to watch Vanessa thrive in this new and much-needed role. Her continued contributions to N&J will assist our continuous growth,” says Daniel Ziriakus, President and COO. “This internal promotion is one of many in 2021 and into 2022. At Northrop & Johnson, we believe our people are our strongest asset and we are committed to investing within and developing the growth and careers of our exemplary staff and brokers.”

Congratulations, Vanessa. We look forward to all the exciting initiatives ahead and your continued growth and success.

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