Northrop & Johnson Partners with Viasat

Posted December 14, 2019 in Company by Janine St.Denis

Northrop & Johnson is excited to announce its latest strategic partnership with Viasat, a renowned global communications firm with more than 30 years of expertise in shaping how its customers, including businesses, governments and even yacht owners, communicate.

One of the hallmarks of Viasat’s company mission is innovation, as the brand is constantly developing its processes, procedures and offerings to provide its customers with nothing but the best. This dedication to clientele and devotion to continue evolving aligns perfectly with Northrop & Johnson’s ideals.

“Northrop & Johnson is committed to providing our clients with nothing but the absolute height of service. As a brand, we are constantly progressing to ensure we offer our clients innovative solutions to yacht brokerage chartering, sales, crewing and beyond. We are excited to align with a brand that operates along the same lines. We are proud to recommend to our clients a partner with high caliber service,” says Northrop & Johnson COO Daniel Ziriakus.

When choosing Viasat, clients are guaranteed a global communications network with high-quality, affordable, fast, secure connections, even while cruising off the beaten path. Viasat’s maritime Internet service is complete with a fully managed onboard networking system. Owners, guests, yacht captains and crewmembers can freely stream all types of content, watch live sporting events, browse the web, shop online, send emails and use social media without interruption, buffering issues or loss of signal. Viasat is able to create unique programs specifically tailored to each yacht and owner’s specifications to ensure there are no data caps, plus HD streaming. Clients will enjoy the on-land, at-home Internet experience while at sea courtesy of Viasat’s high-capacity satellite system, which boasts the latest generation of scalable networking tools, ensuring high-speed and high security.

For more information on Northrop & Johnson’s new partnership with Viasat, please send an email to  PR@northropandjohnson or visit

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