Northrop & Johnson Partners with Starboard Card

Posted February 8, 2024 in Company by Ashleigh King

Northrop & Johnson, the leader in luxury yachting and lifestyle, is proud to announce its newest strategic partnership with Starboard Card, an innovative expense management system tailored exclusively for the yachting industry. Set to launch later this year, Starboard Card’s mission is to address the unique challenges faced by yacht crew, management and owners when it comes to reconciling expenses and APA amounts.

Starboard Card is more than just an expense management service; it’s a comprehensive solution designed by yacht crew, for yacht crew. The system includes industry-first debit cards, yachting-specific accounting software, and user-friendly tools, providing a seamless and global financial management experience.

Starboard Card sets itself apart by offering Visa Infinite debit cards, a groundbreaking move in an industry dominated by prepaid cards. By partnering with Visa in this way, Starboard Cards provide users with a host of exclusive benefits, including 24-hour support, exclusive discounts and upgrades, ensuring a robust and personalized experience for yacht crew members.

Recognizing the need for an expense management service with global reach, Starboard Card’s yachting-specific accounting software fills this crucial gap by allowing enhanced control of financial management, meeting the unique requirements of both yacht and owner on a global scale.

Starboard Card’s software, available on both mobile and desktop platforms, offers a simple yet powerful solution. With features like balance checking, easy transfers and an intuitive interface, the software ensures a hassle-free experience for users.

Beyond its innovative financial solutions, Starboard Card distinguishes itself through a corporate culture committed to environmental stewardship. The company actively collaborates with the Elkhorn Marine Conservancy (EMC), a leading nonprofit organization based in Antigua dedicated to marine restoration and conservation.

Jon Slator, Starboard Card’s Chief Product Officer, exemplifies this commitment through hands-on involvement in coral reef restoration efforts. Recent initiatives near Green Island showcase Starboard Card’s dedication to making a tangible difference in marine conservation, extending beyond financial support to active participation in sustainability projects.

Northrop & Johnson is proud to align itself with Starboard Card’s mission to revolutionize onboard financial management.

For more information on Northrop & Johnson’s new partnership, please contact our press team. Those interested in joining the waiting list for Starboard Card should get in touch using their contact form.

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