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Northrop & Johnson enjoyed an incredibly busy and successful start to 2018. The first quarter of the year was monumental with sales as well as impressive additions to N&J’s sales and charter fleets. Please enjoy this review of Northrop & Johnson’s accomplishments in the first quarter 2018.

Yachts Sold

Northrop & Johnson closed out 2017 as the top superyacht brokerage in the world. Keeping on the same upward trajectory, Northrop & Johnson continued its strong progression with a remarkable sales record in the first three months of the New Year. Thus far in 2018, Northrop & Johnson sold 18 yachts — 14 of which were larger than 80-feet (24.4m).

The largest yacht sold this quarter was the 183-foot (55.7m) ILLUSION with Sales Brokers David Seal and Kevin Merrigan, acting on behalf of the seller. She was followed by the 177-foot (54m) STARFIRE; Sales Brokers Kevin Merrigan and Wes Sanford represented the seller and the 146-foot (44.5m) PARTY GIRL was sold by Sales Brokers Kristen Klein and Kevin Merrigan, acting on behalf of the buyer.

Northrop & Johnson also is delighted to have made four in-house sales this quarter, including the 145-foot (44.17m) AT LAST sold by Sales Brokers Kristen Klein and Kevin Merrigan, and the 123-foot (37.49m) sailing yacht GALILEO sold by Sales Broker Jochen Brill, representing the buyer, and Sales Brokers Joost Goverts and Michael Nethersole, representing the seller; the 103-foot (31.4m) sailing yacht SILVERLINING, sold by Sales Broker Hugo van Schaik, representing the buyer, and Sales Broker Bart Kimman, representing the seller; and the 91-foot (27.7m) sailing yacht LETIZIA, sold by Sales Broker Hugo van Schaik representing the buyer and seller.

Northrop & Johnson’s additional sales for the quarter included the 121-foot (36.88m) LI-LIEN, the 115-foot (35m) TAMARA RD and the 106-foot GALE WINDS, the 89-foot (27m) UNDISCLOSED, the 86-foot (26.3m) CHINA GROVE II, the 81-foot (24.69m) WHISKEY HOTEL, the 80-foot (24.3m) GENESIS, the 72-foot (21.9m) GIGI, the 65-foot (19.8m) RITA, the 65-foot (19.8m) MARGAUX and the 62-foot (18.9m) EL GUAPO.


Additions to Northrop & Johnson’s sales fleet also have been strong this quarter. Since the start of 2018, Northrop & Johnson welcomed 20 new yachts. The largest addition to the sales fleet is the 163-foot (49.75m) CRN superyacht DR NO NO, listed with Sales Brokers Ed Dickinson and David Seal.

Other notable additions include the 132-foot (40.32m) MARLINDA, listed with Sales Broker Kevin Kramer, the 125-foot (37m) BRIO, listed with Sales Brokers Joe Foggia and Ed Sacks and the 121-foot (37m) CRYSTAL listed with Managing Director Europe Michael Payne.

Other notable additions include the 114-foot (34.75m) VAIVEN, listed with Sales Broker Sean Doyle, the 101-foot (30.7m) SHU SHE, listed with Sales Broker David Seal and the 100-foot (30.48m) sailing yacht ILLUSION OF THE ISLES, listed with Sales Broker Jochen Brill.


Northrop & Johnson is pleased to have welcomed four new yachts, which will allow clients to explore the far afield of the earth, to its charter fleet.

After the in-house sale of the 145-foot (44.17m) AT LAST, Northrop & Johnson  welcomed her with open arms to the charter fleet; she will be cruising The Bahamas in the summer and The Bahamas and Caribbean in the winter. N&J also welcomed the 131-foot (40m) sailing yacht OCEAN PURE, the 82-foot (25m) motor yacht NISI and 65-foot (20m) catamaran JALUN.

Cruising destinations with these new additions include The Bahamas, Caribbean, Great Barrier Reef and Southeast Asia.

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