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Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, LMC is the largest dedicated yacht refit and repair facility in the United States. Thanks to its unique marketplace model, captains stay in full control of their yacht’s yard periods. With more than 60 top-quality, onsite contractors representing all primary shipyard trades, owners and captains have the ability to create the ideal team for their projects. Transparent pricing allows LMC to offer competitive rates without subcontractor markups or contractor gate fees, among other surprise fees found at other yards. The goal of LMC is to provide the perfect one-stop destination, which allows for total peace of mind.

Northrop & Johnson is delighted to partner up with this longstanding marina, refit and repair facility. LMC’s ideals mirrors those of Northrop & Johnson; both are dedicated to providing nothing but the best to clientele. Now, as a partner of Northrop & Johnson, LMC will offer preferred berth pricing for Northrop & Johnson clients. “We are proud to align with Lauderdale Marine Center,” said Northrop & Johnson COO Daniel Ziriakus. “The partnership is an obvious one as both companies are committed to their clients. LMC and Northrop & Johnson both are constantly evolving to provide nothing, but the absolute best service.”

And in the name of providing better service to clients, during summer 2017 LMC has added two new boat lifts, designation as a Foreign Trade Zone, addition of fourteen 120-foot hard spaces and has opened of River Bend marina and boat yard.

In May, LMC received the first of two brand new Cimolai lifts. The new machine, with 220-ton lifting capacity, was assembled in the yard and put into service in late June. After the completion of this lift, LMC received the second new Cimolai lift. This lift offers capacity up to 485 tons; it hauled its first boat on August 14. Affectionately known as “The Beast,” it is one of only three lifts in the South Florida region with more than 400 tons of lift capacity; it holds the title of largest lift on the New River. This additional lifting capacity offers captains and managers a new option for their LMC yard periods.

In June, LMC became the first marine Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) in the United States. This designation allows for foreign-flagged vessels to be shown for sale to U.S. Citizens while in U.S. waters. The designation allows for the boat to leave the FTZ for sea trials or cruises to another destination within the U.S. for exhibition or repairs. The ability to show a boat for sale year-round in the U.S. without relying on boat shows allows brokers and owners more flexibility. The FTZ also allows for sales to be closed in the zone instead of having to move the vessel into international waters. The FTZ at Lauderdale Marine Center is an extremely useful tool for the brokerage community.

Additional upgrades at LMC also are in progress or completed. One such upgrade includes the addition of 45 spaces to the marina that will accommodate superyachts up to 180 feet. The current west yard has been reconfigured with upgraded power to accommodate vessels up to 120 feet.  Furthermore, the revitalization of the Riverbend marina and yard to the immediate east of the current facility will open in early September. This area will add an additional 75 spaces for vessels up to 80 feet. Wi-Fi upgrades for the yard also are in progress.

LMC has additional upgrades planned for late 2017 and 2018, these include a crew gym, reconfiguration of the west marina, and dredging to 12 feet. The revitalization of LMC reaffirms the yard’s commitment to the industry. Lauderdale Marine Center truly is “a yard above.”

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