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Northrop & Johnson’s successful marketing operation is the keystone to this agreement, as Northrop & Johnson will strongly support all Mondomarine projects and new builds moving forward. Spearheaded by three dedicated Northrop & Johnson brokers on three continents, Philip Bell in Fort Lauderdale, Jonathan Browne in Antibes and Bart Kimman in Hong Kong, Northrop & Johnson and Mondomarine will jointly work on sales and marketing efforts for the swift and successful sale of the central agencies.

Northrop & Johnson offers an extensive, industry leading sales & marketing program to yachts in its brokerage, new build and charter fleets. The comprehensive access to market intelligence, Northrop & Johnson’s web presence, digital & media tools, in-house luxury publications and global reach, with 14 offices from LA to Hong Kong, will allow for the fast and efficient dissemination of information to the market to attract buyers.

“I’m delighted to be teaming up with Mondomarine,” says Northrop & Johnson broker Philip Bell. “The team and I are looking forward to working with this impressive builder throughout the coming boat shows, as well as integrating the yachts into the sales industry. Mondomarine has an exciting lineup of motor yacht concepts ranging from 30 to 74 meters; with several yachts already under construction, our focus is to assist in building upon this success. Mondomarine is an established and secure facility. Coupled with its attractive pricing, the brand is an extremely strong contender for owners considering Italian luxury yacht manufacturers.”

Mondomarine was started in 1915 as Cantieri Navali Campenella and since then has delivered 62 yachts. In 2013, it was acquired by Alessandro Falciai and Roberto Zambrini and has built 20 yachts under its new ownership. Mondomarine has sold 20 yachts larger than 40-meters in the last nine years; eight of these yachts were more than 50-meters.

“We all are very happy about this [global brokerage agreement] with Northrop & Johnson,” says Mondomarine co-owner and CEO Roberto Zambrini. “Today, Mondomarine is doing great; we are delivering top-quality products and have achieved an impressive sales records. We have a leading position in the EU and Middle East markets and now we are ready for the demanding challenges of the American and Asian markets, where we could not find a partner better than Northrop & Johnson. Mondomarine and Northrop & Johnson share the same philosophies; we both have young and motivated teams that provide the most precise and effective service to our clients. On the other hand, our respective backgrounds offer our clients an unmistakable gentlemen’s approach to business. For an owner looking for the best quality in an Italian-style yacht, there is definitely no better team to deal with.”

Northrop & Johnson is thrilled to be the central agent on Mondomarine’s exciting upcoming projects. From helipads to beach clubs, the builder’s unique new construction yachts have the hottest yacht features on the market. Set for delivery in 2016, the M50 will wow with its expansive outdoor spaces, designed for entertaining. The M57 EXPLORER is the ultimate rugged luxury yacht. Built for long haul cruising in maximum comfort, this yacht offers every type of amenity an owner could want. Mondomarine will deliver its first 60-meter yacht in 2016. The M60’s light alloy hull will provide incredible performance and fuel efficiency and stylish beach club and bathing platform is sure to be a favorite onboard space. The last quarter of 2015 will bring the exciting launch of the 40-meter SF40, surely one to watch for. Northrop & Johnson also has listed the M50S, M50GTO, M54, M57 EIDOS, M33, M40, M43, M45, M60S, SF30, SF35, SF40, SF60 and SM45. Details on all of these projects can be found on

For more information about this global brokerage agreement, please contact Northrop & Johnson’s PR department at or Philip Bell at, Jonathan Browne at or Bart Kimman at

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