N&J's brand new online presence - now live

Posted February 15, 2019 in Company by Janine St.Denis

With more than 130 central agency yachts for sale, the Northrop & Johnson fleet is at your fingertips on Northropandjohnson.com. Each vessel features an array of stunning artwork, as well as in-depth descriptions, specifications and details for ease of viewing and comparison. Our brokers are effortlessly accessed to provide additional information on any vessel in our fleet.

Northropandjohnson.com showcases more than 60 exceptional yachts for charter. These, too, feature spectacular photography, detailed specifications and descriptions and quotes to assist charterers in choosing the perfect yacht for their charter vacations. Our expert charter brokers also are easily accessible in order to be at your service when booking the trip of a lifetime.

Additionally, an expanded destinations section regales users with information on the best charter locations throughout the globe. An expansive list comprising every conceivable charter location is at your fingertips, featuring enticing photography, descriptions and advice from seasoned brokers on where, when and how to go. Be it a cruise of the hottest spots in the Mediterranean or an exploration charter of the Galapagos, we have the information to get you on your way to the most exceptional yacht charter on offer. Our brokers also have penned elaborate sample itineraries to use as a guide. 

Beyond this site functionality, Northrop & Johnson is proud to have the most unique and expansive global intelligence tool on the market. The only brokerage house to feature this tool, we have access to the global fleet with the touch of a button. We also have a database of more than 35,000 worldwide, ensuring a global reach. This database is targeted to current and potential owners and clients as well as other ultra high net worth individuals. Both sales and brokers have access to this information in mere seconds, ensuring our clients have the most up-to-date and relevant information on any yacht in the global fleet.

Northopandjohnson.com also is accessible via your mobile device for ease of use and access. As long as you’re connected, you’ll never have to be without Northropandjohnson.com.

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