Marketing Team Evolves and Expands

Posted July 17, 2021 in Company by Janine St.Denis

Northrop & Johnson is proud to announce the evolution and expansion of its industry-leading, in-house marketing team. With key focuses on brand awareness and demand generation, including the optimization of existing marketing channels, branching out into new channels not yet touched and leveraging industry-leading, bourgeoning technology and data, our mission is to deliver ground-breaking marketing campaigns and supporting materials. As a superyacht marketing powerhouse, the forward-thinking Northrop & Johnson marketing team aims to be the first to leverage new technology to build awareness, engage and delight our clients through a unique and dynamic approach.

To achieve this, Northrop & Johnson has restructured the marketing team under the helm of Aileen Ott, Head of Demand Generation & Brand Experience, who will oversee the marketing team and help drive the data-driven strategy to drive demand, provide optimum support for Northrop & Johnson’s teams and provide the best possible services to current and new clients.
In the restructure, Northrop & Johnson also has promoted two of its long-standing team members, Alfredo Lopez and Janine St.Denis.

Formerly Marketing Director, Alfredo Lopez is now Creative Services Director. He is responsible for the creative strategy, design, execution, and overall implementation of all marketing assets to support and satisfy the needs of the marketing communications, acquisitions, digital media, sales, and strategic partnership teams. Alfredo now is responsible for brand execution by designing communications that fit the brand, executing the brand look and feel among various media and gaining consensus of the brand among stakeholders. He also plays an integral role in the development of video and photographer assets, working hand-in-hand with Head of Video Production, David Seal, and Northrop & Johnson’s in-house video team. Alfredo’s new role also includes the creation and production of collateral promoting the Northrop & Johnson portfolio of yachts for charter and sales and the overall corporate brand, as well as executing the production of online and offline marketing materials to produce a strongly branded suite of materials. Alfredo will oversee a team of art directors and graphic designers who will help him implement the brand aesthetic through his guidance.

Janine St.Denis, formerly the Marketing & Communications Manager, is now the Content Marketing & Events Manager. In this new role, Janine is responsible for the content marketing strategy, inbound efforts and all content generated for and by the company as well as the management of all global events. She will strive above all else to foster appealing material that will attract, engage, and delight new clients through all the target channels. Janine is also tasked with managing Northrop & Johnson’s content team, which includes the Social Media & Content Specialist and the Copywriter & Marketing Generalist roles. In addition, Janine will manage global events from start to finish. She will oversee all aspects of event planning, management, post-event outreach and results and more.

The evolution of the team also has redefined the roles of other marketing team members. These include the position of Mark Erlewine, formerly Marketing & Technology Project Manager, who is now Lead Generation & Analytics Manager. In his new role, Mark will oversee all marketing efforts to generate and convert leads. He will be integral in the optimization of the marketing strategy and will leverage the power of data and metrics to generate the best possible results based on scientific analysis.

Morgan Crowe, formerly Marketing & PR Associate, is now officially Northrop & Johnson’s Social Media & Content Specialist. This is a refined version of her previous role in which she is responsible for creating and publishing content on all social media platforms to grow an audience, build brand awareness and boost sales. She also is responsible for tracking the success of social marketing efforts through various online analytical tools. In addition, Morgan will work in conjunction with the content marketing & events manager and other marketing team members on content creation and will assist with events.

Northrop & Johnson is actively looking to fill the role of Copywriter & Marketing Generalist and plans to expand the lead generation & analytics team under Mark’s direction in the coming months.

“We are thrilled to announce the evolution of our already industry-leading marketing team,” says Northrop & Johnson COO & President Daniel Ziriakus. “Our marketing team has always been strong, but through this process, we were able to redefine roles, further tap into the talents of our team members to allow them to truly shine – and most importantly – evolve our organization with the new digital demands of a post-pandemic era.”

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