Mark Sanfilippo Joins N&J as Head of Technology & Product

Posted February 14, 2023 in Company by Ashleigh King

Northrop & Johnson is excited to welcome Mark Sanfilippo to its international team of yachting professionals. Mark will be based out of N&J’s Fort Lauderdale office.

Mark’s career-long experience in technology planning, system architecture and implementing innovative solutions has prepared him for his new role as Head of Technology & Product at Northrop & Johnson. With the addition of Mark, N&J’s ever-growing technology department will continue its focus on bringing industry-leading tech solutions to our commercial teams and clients.

As Head of Technology & Product, Mark will use his strong technical expertise from his previous roles as CTO in the private equity-backed world of real estate to advance and discover new ways to move the needle in the superyacht industry –  by putting N&J at the forefront of technological advancements to better serve its clients. His ability to see beyond the technical aspects and anticipate technology’s overall impact will help Mark drive N&J’s ERP platforms with a focus on AI and maintain efficient project cycles throughout the year.

Prior to joining N&J, Mark held many leading positions in various development and private equity-backed real estate companies, where he gained extensive knowledge and experience of virtually everything under the umbrella of technology strategy and implementation.  Mark’s analytical mindset, strong leadership prowess and organizational skills make him the perfect fit for his position in the yachting industry.

“We are confident that with the addition of Mark to our technology team, N&J will be able to further separate itself from the competition. We have implemented cutting-edge, streamlined solutions to improve ERP systems and now have the ability to branch out and develop industry-specific, specialized tools for our brokers to stay ahead of the curve. AI and Business Intelligence will further lead our investment cycles and we’re excited to have Mark on the team to help push this department to new heights”, says Northrop & Johnson’s President and COO, Daniel Ziriakus.

To contact Mark directly, please click here. For more information, please contact N&J’s press team.

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