Luxury in Motion

Posted February 15, 2019 in Company by Janine St.Denis

This vehicle was created with the pinnacle of luxury and comfort in mind. Experts from Mercedes-Benz envisioned future mobility scenarios when crafting this innovative automobile. Visionary research lead developers to generate a car with an ample amount of space and lounge-like characteristics. The four-seat car claims to be a “forerunner of a mobility revolution.”

From the outside, the sleek and striking lines create a dynamic silhouette with a low-slung front end, flat windshield, road-hugging back and streamlined roof. The visual appeal of the F 015 is evident.

The interior also offers exceptional lines created. Organic materials — including open-pore walnut wood and stark white nappa leather — combined with metal and glass surfaces add to the technological-chic vibe. The contrasting materials create a stunning look and feel inside the cabin — modern luxury at its finest. The seating system inside the F 015 is revolutionary by leaps and bounds. Four rotating chairs allow passengers to choose their seating configuration, including a face-to-face arrangement.

But the technology of the F 015 truly is its most innovative aspect. Mercedes-Benz says, “One core theme of the innovative interior concept is a continuous exchange of information between vehicle, passengers and the outside world. Six displays are installed to this end all around, tastefully mounted in the instrument panel and the rear and side walls, making the interior of the F 015 Luxury in Motion a digital living space — a perfect symbiosis of the virtual and the real world. Passengers are able to interact intuitively with the connected vehicle by means of gestures or by touching the high-resolution screens.”

The automobile itself is constantly connected and communicating to the outside world through front-and-rear LED displays, as well as a laser projection system and acoustic communications, which include both sound and specific spoken instructions.

Safety always is paramount and the F 015 Luxury in Motion offers a high-strength body and an impact-protected installation of an F-CELL PLUG-IN HYBRID drive system.

As we move into the future, clean power systems are becoming more prevalent. The F 015 Luxury in Motion runs on an electric-hybrid system with a range of 1,100 kilometers. That includes 200 kilometers of batter-powered driving and 900 kilometers from electricity pulled from a fuel well. The F 015 will run on electric power with zero local emissions.

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