Posted February 15, 2019 in Company by Janine St.Denis

Superyacht Australia is a dedicated collection of Australian businesses that provides products and services to the superyacht industry. The group, recognizing a need for support in the Queensland region, recently galvanized its Superyacht Queensland Committee, which offers experience, industry knowledge and skills to drive the superyacht industry in Queensland. It is dedicated to supporting the yachting culture and enhancing the professional and lifestyle aspects.

The superyacht industry in the Queensland area is facing a variety of issues on local, state and federal levels. In order to overcome them, the Superyacht Queensland Committee will create a comprehensive strategy to ensure the yachting industry grows and thrives throughout the next decade.

“It is important we have a strong and committed group identifying the key issues facing the industry in Queensland,” said M Edwards, CEO Superyacht Australia. “There are many items on the agenda, including the up-coming Commonwealth games and the opportunities it presents, berthing for superyachts on the Brisbane River, customs clearance on the Gold Coast, infrastructure requirements for Queensland, greater profile globally for Queensland capability and showcasing Queensland as a key destination for the global superyacht fleet.”

At the helm of the Superyacht Queensland Committee is Cameron Bray of Northrop & Johnson. Bray has enjoyed an extensive yachting career, working in a variety of capacities, including captain, sales broker, charter broker and yacht manger. He is an ardent advocate for the Australian yachting sector and the yachting industry as a whole. His dedication and experience will prove invaluable as head of this critical committee.

For more information on Cameron Bray’s appointment as chairman of the Superyacht Queensland Committee, please contact


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