Posted February 15, 2019 in Company by Janine St.Denis

The following is an excerpt of information from Northrop & Johnson’s 2015 Market Intelligence Review.

“Two-thousand-and-fifteen saw 510 yachts (of 78 feet or larger) sold on the global market between January and December; this is 28 more yachts than in 2014 and 92 more than in 2013. But more impressive than the number of yachts sold were the ticket prices of these yachts. In 2015, the total value sold was a record-breaking $4.6 billion dollars (this is based on the last asking price). This is $800 million more than in 2014 and $1.4 billion more than in 2013. Of the 510 yachts sold in 2015, May had the most with 62. The other months averaged between 35 and 48. Not only were more yachts sold at higher prices in 2015, but also the yachts sold were larger than any year before. Of the 510 yachts sold, 1.4 percent were in the 70-plus-meter range, 7.6 percent were in the 50-to-70-meter range, 14.4 percent were in the 40-to-50-meter range, 36.5 percent were in the 30-to-40-meter range and 40.1 percent were in the 24-to-30-meter range. The largest yacht sold in 2015 was the 139-meter Lurssen PROJECT REDWOOD, which is 24 meters larger than 2014’s 115-meter Lloyd Werft LUNA. In total, the combined length sold in 2015 was 17.9 kilometers.”

To read the full 2015 Market Intelligence Review, click here to download the PDF.

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