Posted February 15, 2019 in Brokerage & New Build by Janine St.Denis

DEEP-C offers a glimpse of the deep blue sea. Accommodating two passengers, DEEP-C is able to submerge the below the surface and explore the world below with a six-hour mission time. Showcasing an underwater communication system, contacting the surface is easy.

DEEP-C is in full ABS classification and features a dual-frequency forward-looking sonar, USBL GPS Navigation software as well as an underwater HD video system with pan and tilt and HD recorder. She also is equipped with four 150w HID underwater lights and 70w HID lights to allow excellent visualization under the water.

Submersible DEEP-C is a safe vessel featuring 72 hours reserve of essential systems and life support, including oxygen monitoring and emergency breathing system.

For more information on DEEP-C, please contact Paul Daubner.

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