UFO – Ulysse Nardin Timepiece Out of this World

Posted April 27, 2021 in Watches & Jewelry by Janine St.Denis

Renowned watchmaker Ulysse Nardin is taking clock and watch connoisseurs on an out-of-this-world experience with its latest offering, the UFO. Forget about the unidentified floating objects that hover on the horizon, this UFO is real. The UFO offers owners a journey through time and space, taking them back through the history of clock making and into the future of horology and beyond.


The UFO timepiece marks the 175th anniversary of the legendary brand Ulysse Nardin. The watchmaker reinvents the chronometer in this unique piece that pushes the boundaries of imagination. The UFO is more than just a table or desk clock. The swinging mechanical movements encapsulated inside depict the waves. Three time zones are depicted, representing the past, present and future. A totally unexpected and unique offering from the brand, the UFO pays homage to the exploration of the skies and the sea. Contained inside is the complete horological history of Ulysse Nardin — a truly amazing feat. From the 19th and 20th century chronometers for which Ulysse Nardin is famous, to the 2001 Freak and the 2020 Blast, all are represented in iconic fashion.

The UFO features more than 663 components. The futuristic design of this timepiece is a representation of what the incredible watchmakers, engineers and designers of Ulysse Nardin believe marine chronometers may look like 175 years into the future. It was designed to guide explorers in any type of navigation, from the seas to the cosmos.


“Reissuing a watch from the past by reusing vintage codes was not part of our creative intentions for this anniversary object. On the contrary, we wanted to reverse the trend and make a leap forward of 175 years, rather than a leap backward. We always look ahead. We wondered what a marine chronometer designed in 2196 would be like,” explains Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Ulysse Nardin.

The UFO is available for $41,400. For more information on the UFO and other Ulysse Nardin timepieces, please visit ulysse-nardin.com.

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