To Infinity and Beyond with the HM6

Posted February 15, 2019 in Watches & Jewelry by Morgan Crowe

HM6 features a biomorphic case and each of the four corners house a 360° sphere with translucent sapphire crystal domes. Two semi-spherical indications rotate vertically to display hours and minutes in large legible, numerals. For power, the automatic winding rotor multiplies gearing and twin spherical turbines spin horizontally, automatically regulating the winding system in case of excessive speed to reduce stress and wear.

The central dome of the piece is home to a 60-second functional flying tourbillon. The HM6 also features a retractable semi-spherical titanium protective shield, which, when used, blocks harmful UV rays.

It’s strength is provided by a formidable exoskeleton of aeronautic grade Ti-6Al-4V titanium. The overall look of the “Space Pirate” alludes to the appearance of a friendly extra-terrestrial, comfortably situated on any wrist.

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