Posted June 8, 2018 in Watches & Jewelry by Morgan Crowe

Jewelry designer Fred Samuels spent most of his professional life in Paris, France, but his heritage from Argentina remained with him — the lights of South America inspired every element of Fred’s career.

FRED’s Force 10 Collection is the embodiment of nautical luxury. Passing down a passion of sailing and rowing to his two sons, Samuels eldest took a risk in 1966 that no designer had dreamt of — he braided marine cables, secured both ends to a buckle and gave the creation to his wife as a gift — thus began FRED’s signature and expansive Force 10 collection. The Force 10 collection stands for creative freedom and energy; bracelets can be personalized to the wearers’ desires with interchangeable cables. The stunning creations are inspired by the life, the movement and the vitality of the lights of Argentina. Available in many style variations, colors and metals, the collection is one of unique craftsmanship and elegance. Because of the versatility and distinctive design, the Force 10 cable bracelets have become iconic to both the sailing and yachting worlds and landlubbers alike — they are the perfect piece to add a nautical touch to any outfit.
Available at Hamilton Jewelers.

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