Posted January 22, 2019 in Watches & Jewelry by Janine St.Denis

The series of 10 different automatic watches (only 30 of each will be made) display such appetizing details as a pastel marshmallow dial constructed from grand feu enamel, a cupcake’s dainty shape for a watch crown, and the tiniest hand-painted lollipops and sugar fruit slices in pop-art worthy symmetry. Though colorful and fun, these watches are crafted with serious technical know-how. Their three-part cases are made from new materials developed exclusively for Richard Mille, including carbon TPT, quartz TPT and new ceramics. Contrasting straps in ombre leather, or fabric with an option of a Velcro closure, ensure these sweet timepieces are fashionable and comfortable all the way around the wrist.  The 10 models display a total of 60 blazingly bright pop colors across six styles of cases (including the world premiere of a new turquoise hue), the tiny candies that adorn the fruit-themed timepieces, and the four two-tone ceramic cases as well as the decoration gracing the sweets-themed line. It was a master stroke on the part of Cécile Guenat, Artistic Director for the Richard Mille Bonbon Collection, to bring a playful and rebellious spirit of childhood into the world of haute horlogerie. Combining technical daring with colorful creativity in surprising ways, she set herself the goal of revisiting classic sweets with a twist.

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