Posted January 10, 2019 in Watches & Jewelry by Morgan Crowe

“It’s the season’s most thrilling remake of an all-time classic,” states renowned jewelry historian Vivienne Becker in How to Spend It magazine in the Financial Times. “The pure, pristine pearl is in the midst of a modernizing makeover, rebelling against its prim image and taking its place at the heart of some of the coolest jewelry on offer,” she continues.

Adding a touch of elegance to fabrics, handbags, shoes and even the most casual attire, pearls are showing up everywhere, including runways and the big screen. These modernized pearls are bringing luster to the forefront of the fashion world. Becker adds that, “there’s a noticeable shift towards innovative design and finding relaxed, more contemporary ways of wearing even the most precious of pearls.” Exotic, natural colors, super mod silhouettes and power pearls are new hot styles; the more unique the piece, the better. Mixing colorful pearls with matching gemstones also is en vogue.


Assael Pearls are at the heart of this growing trend, offering a variety of exquisite, modernized pearl pieces. Shimmering new colors from J. Hunter Fiji Pearls create a stunning look while radiant Akoya and South Sea pearls, that bubble with excitement, add a pop to any outfit. Assael also offers the latest trend: front-back or jacket earrings, which is found in the Sean Gilson for Assael Bubble collection.


Join the revolution.

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