Luxury Watch Roundup of the World's Finest Watchmakers

Posted March 1, 2015 in Watches & Jewelry by Janine St.Denis

As they say, time and tide wait for no man. This selection of striking, elegant and artfully designed timepieces assures that you’re always timely.

De_Bethune_DB25_Quetzalcoatl_FN-Navigator-Issue-2–spring-summer 01 Quetzalcoatl

De Bethune has incarnated the Quetzalcoatl, a deity of the Mesoamerican civilization, into its latest timepiece. Depicted by a snake with feathers, the Quetzalcoatl was a powerful symbol, particularly associated as the protector of artisans and goldsmiths; it also is credited with inventing the calendar. In keeping with the gold and artisan themes, the Quetzalcoatl watch has a solid gold dial engraved by Michelle Rothen. This timepiece not
only is striking, but it also harkens back to the history of mankind and the mystery of
the human experience.


02 Kambys Collection

Watchmaker Cyrus has dubbed its new collection Kambys, after the son and successor of Cyrus the Great. With a seven-day power reserve, the timepiece’s twin-barrel is wound manually. Manufactured completely in house, this movement was created by the legendary Swiss watchmaker Jean-François Mojon. Unlike most watches, the Kambys has a 55mm tonneau-shaped face. This watch is an attention grabber with three barrels sliding along a vertical axis as power is utilized across seven days. The tech-savvy second function has three beveled hands, which count 20 beats before passing a baton to the next hand. Additionally, the Kambys has a secret animation. Between 9 and 12 o’clock, if the wearer presses the crown at 9 o’clock, the words “limited edition” will appear. Press the button again and the Cyrus coin will appear. One last press and the Cyrus logo will appear; this function also can be personalized.


03 Lady Compliquee collection

Ladies, take note of Faberge’s Lady Compliquee collection. A stunning addition to the Haute Horlogeir ladies’ collection, the Peacock and the Winter, two versions with the same movement, is available. As time ticks on the Peacock, it fans its stunning tail to mark the hours; Winter marks the time by gradually covering the dial with frost. The mechanical caliber is wound manually and rather than displaying the time with hands, the constantly moving display indicates the hour. Both timepieces feature white mother of pearl faces under 38mm platinum cases with domed sapphire crystal and white alligator straps.


04 Vivaldi Melody

Ulysse Nardin makes beautiful music with the Vivaldi Melody. After the 2013 debut of the “Stranger,” a stunning timepiece that beautifully blended music and movement, Ulysse Nardin has released its second musical mechanical watch. The self-winding Vivaldi Melody was developed in-house by Ulysse Nardin and plays the Violin Concerto in E. Only 99 of this limited-edition piece will be produced. In 18-karat rose gold 5N, the watch was based on the Ulysse Nardin caliber 690, utilizing similar technology for ease of operation.


05 HMS Ten

Of the hundreds of novelties presented at Baselworld 2015, Romain Gauthier’s HMS Ten was one of the premier timepieces. Created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the watchmaker, the HMS Ten features off-center hours and minutes. A partially open dial and in-house movement, which is visible through the display back of the timepiece create a striking aesthetic. The HMS Ten is hand-finished and features an ergonomic flat case-back crown. The HMS Ten is available in three styles: Platinum 950, 18-karat 5N red gold and 18-karat white gold. Only 10 limited editions of each were produced.

06 Constant Force Tourbillon

The Constant-Force Tourbillon features Arnold & Son’s patented constant force with 60-second tourbillon and true-beat seconds. This impeccable timepiece also honors Arnold & Son’s maritime heritage. Featuring in-house movements, the Constant Force Tourbillon receives optimum power from two visible mainspring barrels and the constant force device. A limited-edition of only 28 pieces, the Constant Force Tourbillon is striking in an 18-carat red gold case and is 46mm in size.

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