Green Timepieces for Yachting Enthusiasts

Posted May 21, 2022 in Watches & Jewelry by Janine St.Denis

Several leading watch manufacturers prove that sustainability and a luxury timepiece need not be mutually exclusive. Leading the charge, Northrop & Johnson’s strategic partner Ulysse Nardin gives the new DIVER collection the ‘green credentials’ it deserves.

In September 2020, Ulysse Nardin unveiled its commitment to the circular economy in favor of the sea with the launch of the R-STRAP wrist strap.  Made entirely from recycled fishing nets, this was the watchmaker’s first foray into the sustainable watch design. The R-STRAP was quickly followed by the DIVER NET concept – an innovative and upcycled timepiece. Ulysse Nardin then spent two years developing and innovating on their concept, leading to the launch of their DIVER collection in conjunction with their pledge to protect the Ocean.

Building on the idea of a circular economy, Ulysse Nardin’s DIVER collection upcycles waste that would otherwise be polluting the Ocean. Their first eco-conscious timepiece, THE OCEAN RACE DIVER, marks the beginning of a new era for Ulysse Nardin, making marine chronometers for explorers since 1846.

Offered in a limited edition of 200 pieces, THE OCEAN RACER will be the official timekeeper for The Ocean Race in 2023. Composed mainly of recycled fishing nets, with waste from aircraft parts and car materials, the eco-conscious timepiece features touches of green to reflect its commitment to nature on a dark strap and bezel. 95% of the components used in the movement have been sourced locally, half of which comes from recycled channels (recycled steel and brass). The bezel is entirely decorated with Carbonium – a patented carbon composite that uses offcuts of aircraft parts and has a 40% lower environmental impact than other composites. THE OCEAN RACER comes in an original, water-resistant R-PET pouch recycled from the sea by Helly Hansen.

With THE OCEAN RACER, Ulysse Nardin has genuinely upped its sustainability game.

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