Fabergé & Maison Boucheron Jewelry Collection Symbolizes Beautiful History

Posted October 1, 2014 in Watches & Jewelry by Janine St.Denis

Sometimes, in order to move forward, you must look back. Both Fabergé & Maison Boucheron have created jewelry lines featuring beautiful historical symbolism.

01 The Rococo Collection

The Rococo Collection is an iconic international jeweler Fabergé’s play on the late eighteenth-century artistic movement. Reinterpreting the renowned motif through its own vision, Fabergé has designed an illustrious ensemble of stunning pieces that speak to the heritage, technical virtue and artistry of its company as well as the grandeur and symmetry of the Rococo style. The line ranges from sparkling cocktail rings to impressive pendant necklaces and opulent drop earrings featuring precious gems.



02 Serpent Bohème

In an exquisite interpretation of bohemian femininity, Maison Boucheron has invigorated its classic serpent collection, reminiscent of the serpent necklace given by Frederic Boucheron to his wife in 1888. The new collection, re-launched in 2013, offers a modern twist on the Maison Boucheron classic. In the magnificent new pieces, the serpent head is represented by a diamond-filled drop and the brilliant, polished body coils around the wearer. From dainty, stackable rings to delicate serpentine necklaces set in sinuous chains with pavé diamonds, the Serpent Bohème line is playful, feminine and free-spirited.

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