Posted August 15, 2017 in Watches & Jewelry by Janine St.Denis

The matriarch of this collection is the 51.38 carat, 57-facet, traditional, round, brilliant-cut “Dynasty” diamond. The gem has been rated Triple Excellence, D color and VVS1 (the clarity grading just below flawless). With less than one percent of diamonds holding these characteristics, this is a combination that that has never before been produced in Russia. It potentially is the most expensive diamond ever to be sold in the country’s history.

The other stones in the collection include a 16.67-carat round-cut diamond, 5.05-carat oval diamond, a 1.73-carat pear-cut diamond and a 1.39-carat diamond. These diamonds are named Sheremetyev, Orlov, Vorontsov and Usupov, each after a famous house that once ruled Russia. The diamonds in this collection were created from a 179-carat rough diamond named Romanovs, which was recovered in 2015 from one of Alrosa’s mines in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in northeast Russia. It took the company one and a half years to craft the collection.

The company plans to sell the collection as one set in November. Before the auction, Alrosa plans to have the diamonds shown in Israel, Hong Kong and the United States.

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