Posted September 12, 2016 in Watches & Jewelry by Janine St.Denis

High-end hotel Ellerman House has teamed with Benguela Diamonds for a luxury bauble-hunting daytrip. Guests will follow along the lifecycle of an ocean diamond, from it’s birthplace beneath the waterline through its transformation into a sparkling precious stone…and all before dinner, which will take place in Cape Town.

After arriving for your adventure, you will be driven to a luxury villa for champagne breakfast and full briefing of your day. You’ll then head out to sea with a team of experts to hunt the sea floor for diamonds. If you don’t want to get in the water, you can be part of the team on the boat who inspects the sea gravel on the deck. While there, you can do some diamond shopping and even collaborate on the design your want. The trip is limited to a maximum of six guests and is weather dependent, priced at R215,000 per person.

Benguela diamonds are named after the strong current that flows in a northerly pattern off of South Africa’s west coast.

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