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Charles Krypell’s jewelry pushes boundaries creating artistic, timeless and sophisticated pieces. The brand’s Gold Collection is the epitome of luxury offering spectacular pieces perfect for everyone. Their 18-karat diamond bracelets, which comes in yellow, white or rose gold, is ideal for any outfit, both day and night. Another highlight bracelet in the collection is the natural pink and white diamond bracelet set in 18-karat rose gold and platinum. The collection also includes a yellow and white diamond ring set in 18- karat yellow gold and pink and white diamond ring set in 18-karat gold and platinum.




Since 1981, Christopher Designs has been blending classic jewelry training with modern technology to design breathtaking jewels that include their patented Crisscut®stones. A highlight in Vegas was their pushback, drop earring with L’Amour Crisscut® diamond centers that is accented with two .81cttw Crisscut® round diamonds and 2.68ctw round cut diamonds, set in 18-karat white gold. Another spectacular piece that was on displayed was a pair of drop earrings with a 3.63ct L’Amour Crisscut® yellow diamond centers surrounded by 1.58ctw GSI1 round cut diamonds and set in 18-karat two-tone gold. A Their drop earring with pear shape diamond centers at 4.02ctw are beautifully accentuated with six marquee cut diamonds and Crisscut® round diamonds set in 18-karat white gold.



Dimitrios Exclusive was the first family jewelry workshop in Athens, Greece. The brand designs timeless pieces, where each piece tells a story that links past, present and future. The designs draw inspiration from a Hellenic jewelry tradition from the Minoan times to Alexander the Great and Byzantium. At the Vegas show, one could easily see the brand’s fine craftsmanship and stories told through the pieces. A highlight from the show was a 22-karat gold bracelet with enamel, Swiss blue topaz and Zircons. Another spectacular piece was a sterling silver- and gold-plated necklace in 22 carats it is adorned with semi-precious and Swarovski stones.

DIMITRIOS-EXCLUSIVE Bracelet and Necklace


Fred Leighton features a striking selection of outstanding works and signed pieces by great makers. Their one-of-a-kind pieces are as rare as the women who wear them. The brand had an outstanding display at the Vegas show. Highlights included their Round Diamond Engagement ring, Diamond Cluster Drop earrings and Diamond Collet Set Drop earrings.

Fred Leighton Earrings and Diamond Ring


Since 1920, Garavelli has been making exquisite, fine jewelry in Italy. The brand has impeccable craftsmanship and innovation, creating breathe taking pieces with fluid forms and flowing curves. In Vegas, they displayed their new collection, Cactus. These colored aluminum bracelets are adorned with beautiful gold and sapphire, making them a perfect accessory for any outfit.

GARAVELLISince 1920, Garavelli has been making exquisite, fine jewelry in Italy. The brand has impeccable craftsmanship and innovation, creating breathe taking pieces with fluid forms and flowing curves. In Vegas they displayed their new collectionColored aluminum bracelets are adorned with beautiful gold and sapphire


Gurhan makes stunning pieces that blend ancient cultures with modern design, giving customers a unique piece. The brand’s craftsmanship is merely magnificent, creating simple designs through precious creations. A stand out piece at the Vegas show was their Guardian “Augusta” Key Pendant necklace. This divine 24-karat gold piece features a seventh-century Roman bronze key adorned with rose-cut white diamonds, diamonds and opals.

Gurhan Necklace


From their breathtaking design to the high-quality precious stones, Hammerman’s pieces are all-around unique. The brand had an impressive display at the Vegas show that was filled with awe-inspiring pieces, including their Kunzite jewels, which were at big hit. Their beautiful Kunzite Link Bracelet is made out of 18 karat yellow gold with 1.17 carats of diamonds, 73.12 carats of kunzite and pink sapphires. Another impressive Kunzite piece is there Peridot and Kunzite Drop Earrings with18 karat yellow gold and adorned with 13 carats of peridot, 30 carats of kunzite and two golden pearls. The collection also includes their Kunzite and Coral Necklace with 18 karat yellow gold, 5.40 carats of diamonds, 92 carats of Kunzite and 3.52 carats of pink tourmaline. Another highlighting piece was their Turquoise Amorphous Earrings with 18 karat yellow gold, 16 carats of turquoise, 1.19 carats of blue sapphires and 4.01 carats of diamonds.

Hammerman Jewelry


Jack Abraham is synonymous with breathtaking emerald, ruby and sapphire jewelry that is timeless and showstopping. You can see the passion in each design, making each piece truly unique. An awe-inspiring piece from the show was their Burma Ruby H necklace adorned 153.04 cts of Burma Rubies Plat and 57.42 cts of diamonds — this necklace is the perfect showstopping accessory for evening wear.

ack Abraham Burma Ruby Necklace


Jewelmer’s South Sea pearls and fine jewelry are a harmonious blend of French design and Asian sensibilities — each piece embodies rarity and elegance. The brand featured numerous showstopping pieces at Vegas, including the one-of-a-kind C’est La Vie Bangle. This stunning bangle is donned with 18-karat yellow gold, 10-13mm South Sea golden pearls and 8.88cts of diamonds – it the perfect, elegant accessory. Jewelmer’s La Mer en Majeste brooch is another standout piece. It features a beautiful 17mm semi-baroque South Sea golden pearl with 16.495 ct of tanzanite, 2.701 cts of diamonds and .18cts pink sapphires.


Kwiat jewelry is worthy of passing down from generation to generation. Since 1907, the brand itself has been a family tradition that is now on its fourth generation. From timeless, classic designs to dramatic statement pieces Kwiat jewelry offers a variety of beautiful pieces for every occasion. Making a statement in Vegas was their stunning Ashoka ring, earrings and pendant. Each displaying an Askoka cut diamond with a sapphire halo set in platinum.

Kwiat Sapphire & Diamond Earrings, Ring and Necklace


Kouzoupis Athens designs striking handmade pieces that are elegant and boast distinct character and style. The designer pulls his inspiration from various periods throughout Greek history. On display in Vegas was a prime example of their impressive pieces. The Sun Ring is from their Galaxy Collection. This handmade piece is made from 18-karat yellow gold with 17 real diamonds at .21ct and rhodium plating. The Waterlily Pendant is simply stunning. This lovely piece is handmade from 18-karat yellow gold with three real diamonds at .04ct. and custom color enamel. The Cluster Pendant features a beautiful design with square, circle and oval motifs. The piece is made with 18-karat yellow gold and 18 real diamonds at .40cts.


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