The Hidden Gem of the Caribbean

Posted October 7, 2022 in Travel by Ashleigh King

The Hidden Gem of the Caribbean: 3 Reasons to Spend Winter in Sunny Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a tear-drop emerald of an island nestled between the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean sea. A criminally underrated destination, you won’t see crowds of snowbirds flocking to the Saint Lucian shores. It pays to have the inside scoop. 

This winter, making Saint Lucia your port of call grants you exclusive access to an island rich in mystery, luxury, and adventure. Wondering where to start? We’ve got you covered. Let’s get immersed in your new favorite Caribbean destination.

Why Drop Anchor In Stunning Saint Lucia?

We’ve got three reasons to call Saint Lucia your temporary home harbor. Experiences you can’t do anywhere else in the Caribbean.

  1. A Vacation in a Volcano

Explore the world’s only drive-in volcano. Travel to another world in a private chartered car, and explore the volcanic landscape, champagne in hand. Then relax in the mineral-rich volcanic mud bath. Clean off by hopping in the waterfall. Yes, the shower at the Sulfer Springs Mud Baths is a waterfall.


2. Sugar Beach: A Sweet Getaway Below the Pitons

Saint Lucia is instantly recognizable by its two UNESCO world heritage mountains, the Pitons. Jagged yet elegant peaks rising out of the ocean create an incredible view. Your vantage point? Anchored in Piton Bay, watching the sunset or laying on the alluring crystal-white sands of Sugar Beach itself.


3. The Reason To Stay? Cabot Saint Lucia

When you see the rolling hills and natural beauty of Point Hardy, you’ll consider whether a winter in Saint Lucia is enough. Drop anchor and come ashore to stay and experience a slice of heaven in 18 holes.

This unbelievable golf course was designed and created by golf legends Bill Coore & Ben Crenshaw, most known for the world-class Cabot Cliffs at Cabot Cape Breton. Point Hardy’s magnificent landscape shapes the course, villas, and estates that dot the property. Experience golf excellence and exclusive barefoot-luxury oceanside living at its very best.

Saint Lucia is an island of balance. A perfect blend of tourism and tradition, the rugged and the refined. What will you discover in the azure waters of this Caribbean paradise?

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