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Posted January 19, 2023 in Travel by Ashleigh King

Space Perspective, the world’s first carbon-neutral spaceflight experience company, is driven by a desire to share the transformative power of space travel with as many people as possible—safely and sustainably. As Space Perspective knows, people who have had the privilege to see Earth from the blackness of space gain new appreciation of the planet and our place within it. If you enjoy exploring the world up close on a yacht, imagine having the opportunity to take it all in from space.

space perspective image of capsule on the edge of space

So how does it work? Space Perspective takes eight Explorers and a pilot on a gentle flight to the edge of space in a pressurized capsule that is propelled at 12mph by a massive SpaceBalloon™. During the six-hour journey, Explorers will enjoy the comforts of Space Perspective’s on-board luxury Space Lounge which features a bar, a restroom, Wi-Fi, and the broadest view ever provided from space.

space perspective luxurious lounge with chairs and a bar

Space Perspective is creating a zero-emissions experience as part of their commitment to sustainability. This starts with the very nature of their vessel. Rather than using rockets, Spaceship Neptune instead uses a SpaceBalloon™ that gently ascends to 100,000 ft. In keeping with its Earth-conscious ethos, the SpaceBalloon™ itself is recyclable, MS Voyager embraces environmentally friendly retrofitting, and a partnership with Cool Effect helps with company-wide carbon offsets.

space perspective capsule on the edge of space

To expand its offering internationally, Space Perspective recently acquired the world’s first marine spaceport for human spaceflight, named MS Voyager. The first in a planned global fleet of marine spaceports to follow, Voyager sets the path for Space Perspective to share the transformative power of space travel with customers from anywhere in the world and marks an exciting development for seafarers, yacht-lovers, and pioneering adventurers everywhere.

Learn more, and book your ticket to space here.

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