Seventh Heaven – Antigua's Seven Must-Do's in 2020

Posted January 20, 2020 in Travel by Morgan Crowe

Ideally located at the center of the Leeward and Windward Islands, Antigua & Barbuda is a perfect pick-up and drop off point for charter yacht guests. And with endless possibilities for fun, relaxation, and adventure in Antigua & Barbuda, it is one of the best places to cruise. Its scalloped coastline of inlets and bays provide a stunning backdrop for its many regattas, and for those cruising Antigua’s coasts.

1.Historic Antigua

The best place to start and end any luxury charter Caribbean vacation is at Nelson’s Dockyard, the only continuously working Georgian Dockyard in the world and rich in history and beautiful scenery. This UNESCO World Heritage Site includes the Nelson’s Dockyard and museum, the elegantly restored Clarence House, as well as nearby Shirley Heights Lookout and Fort Berkeley.

2.Pigeon Point Beach

A hidden gem among the hills and coves of Antigua’s World Heritage Site, this white sand beach with inviting blue waters is an ideal spot to drop anchor and soak up paradise. From lounging on the shore to indulging in fine cuisine at beachfront restaurants to exploring nearby hiking and snorkeling trails, Pigeon Point is a must.

3.Carlisle Bay

This is a snorkeler’s nirvana where nearby Cades Reef teems with colorful marine life, and name-sake Carlisle Bay Resort offers internationally lauded dining and world-class spa experiences. Spa treatments are exclusive to Carlisle Bay and are designed to counterbalance the effects of the sun and long-haul travel.

4.Green Island and Nonsuch Bay

Located off the most easterly coasts of Antigua, Green Island exudes mystery and adventure with its many coral reefs and mangrove forests, and any of its five beaches are perfect for a day of lazing. Nonsuch Bay also offers views of stunning coastlines and elegant luxury properties.

5.Great Bird Island

Named by sailors for its large bird populations is an ecological treasure trove and a photographer’s dream. The bays around the island are great for kayaking and snorkeling, and on land, foot trails lead to a high point offering magnificent views of surrounding islands and mainland Antigua. Nearby Long Island is the go-to holiday haven of the rich and famous with the ultra-exclusive Jumby Bay Resort.

6.Five Islands Bay

Serene turquoise waters at Five Islands Bay are an excellent choice to enjoy paddle boarding, jet skiing and all the other water toys which are now a part of every luxury yacht experience. It is also a great location to witness spectacular ‘green flash’ sunsets.

7.Barbuda – Princess Diana’s Beach

With pink sandy shorelines and sparkling waters, Barbuda is a tropical experience like no other. A favorite escape for the former Duchess of Cornwall. It is also home to the largest Frigate Bird Sanctuary outside of the Galapagos. View up close the majesty of these scarlet breasted creatures with extraordinary wingspans that soar to incredible heights.

Photo Credit: Antigua Barbuda Tourism Authority

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