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Posted May 27, 2020 in Travel by Morgan Crowe

The partnership between Northrop & Johnson and NetJets is built on a shared passion for extraordinary service. NetJets offers luxury travel experiences on the ground as well as in the air. With their clients’ specific interests in mind, NetJets builds special relationships with like-minded brands, including Northrup & Johnson, so that together they are able to offer all of their customer’s one-of-a-kind experiences.

After more than 55 years, NetJets continues to be the global leader in private aviation, and the favored choice of the world’s most elite travelers. NetJets Owners benefit from the industry’s highest safety standards on the largest, most diverse fleet of private jets. Their industry-leading scale and business model, all backed by Berkshire Hathaway, allow them a financial sustainability that is truly dependable.

In response to today’s unique need for variety and flexibility, NetJets is offering new jet card options. In addition, because of the CARES Act, the federal excise tax (FET) will be removed from all jet card programs and fuel taxes will be eliminated through December 31, resulting in lower costs per flight hour for qualifying Owners.

Throughout this challenging time, NetJets has continued to offer exceptional service by completing hundreds of flights per week. Rest assured, NetJets has implemented new protocols and modified their operation to align with their top priority: the safety of their Owners and team members. These include making a significant investment—approximately $12M this year—in a multi-tiered aircraft cleaning program. (That’s more than what some private jet charter companies have in annual revenue.) This program includes treating all our aircraft interiors with ClearCabin, an antimicrobial barrier that provides lasting protection from various bacteria, germs, and viruses like COVID-19. Its durability comes from the molecular bond it forms with surfaces once cured; however, as a safeguard, NetJets reapplies ClearCabin every 90 days.

NetJets has redefined comfort, service, and attention to detail in the private aviation industry. Only NetJets provides a total focus on each traveler’s needs, with the elegant simplicity of a single point of contact for travel demands. Their commitment to the highest levels of safety, service, and worry-free convenience is unmatched in private aviation.

Experience all the advantages of flying with the worldwide leader in private aviation.

Visit netjets.com or call 1.877.356.5823 today.

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