Northrop & Johnson's Partner Space Perspective Unites Superyachts and Spaceflight

Posted March 13, 2023 in Travel by Ashleigh King

Ever dream of going to space? Well, Northrop & Johnson is thrilled to offer you that very opportunity through our one-of-a-kind partnership with Space Perspective, the world’s only luxury spaceflight experience. 

Space Perspective MSVoyagerFrontView

Space Perspective is driven to share the transformative power of space travel with as many people as possible—safely and sustainably. As Space Perspective knows, people who have had the privilege to see our planet from the blackness of space have reliably gained a new appreciation of the world and our place within it.  

But the Space Perspective experience doesn’t need to start and end with space. In fact, it can start and end practically anywhere in the world—Monaco, Dubai, the Caribbean Islands, you name it. How? Well, just last November, Space Perspective acquired the world’s first marine spaceport, named MS Voyager. The acquisition allows Space Perspective to launch and recover Spaceship Neptune from the ocean. And MS Voyager is just the first in a planned global fleet of marine spaceports to follow.  

Space Perspective is fully committed to a zero-carbon experience, ensuring no negative impacts on the Earth. This starts with the very nature of their vessel. Rather than using rockets to fight gravity, Spaceship Neptune instead uses buoyancy to lift Explorers to nearly 100,000 ft. Its descent is controlled by releasing just enough gas to maintain a comfortable, controlled speed.  

Space Perspective MSVoyagerFrontView

Our partnership with Space Perspective means that Northrop & Johnson clients get exclusive access to early Space Perspective flights—get in touch with us to find out more!

Learn more about Space Perspective and reserve your seat here.

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