Must-Sail Summer Destinations

Posted February 19, 2020 in Travel by Morgan Crowe

There’s no better time for an escape. This summer, pack your bags and trade city sights for sun-kissed skies and turquoise waters. There are endless shores to explore, but here are a few top sail-away recommendations from NetJets, our private aviation partner. These are the most frequented destinations among their owners, who include the world’s most prominent leaders in entertainment, business, sports, and more.


Some of the largest, most luxurious yachts in the world gather here for the stunning views and never-ending excitement of the French Riviera.

St. Tropez

The serene village, exclusive private beaches, and fashionable bars and restaurants attract famous faces from all over the globe.


Enjoy easy access to cities rich in history, flavor, and charm, surrounded by coasts that will delight every water sports enthusiast.


The gem of the Mediterranean is completely enchanting with its protected, untamed beauty and tranquil waters.


Five-star hotels, designer shops, and exclusive restaurants and bars have been carefully snuggled into the gorgeous, raw nature of this best-kept secret retreat.


The clear, calm water, unique volcanic coastline and savor-worthy cuisine and wine guarantee an experience unlike any other.

Greek Islands

Explore ancient sites, picturesque beaches, and numerous coves as you island-hop across the breathtaking Mediterranean.


Must-see historical sites, outdoor adventures, and electrifying nightlife offers a metropolitan twist to Greece’s largest island.

The Bahamas

Soak in all the tranquil beauty of the Bahamas while enjoying private spots to anchor, striking beaches, and exciting island entertainment and water activities.

Every one of these remarkable destinations promises a memorable summer escape. And NetJets, the ultimate in safety and service, can save you time getting there. Plan your trip today with the worldwide leader in private aviation, NetJets.

From NetJets, the Worldwide Leader in Private Aviation.

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