Key Caribbean Superyacht Marinas in St. Kitts and Grenada

Posted October 22, 2014 in Travel by Janine St.Denis

One of the last relatively undiscovered Caribbean islands, St. Kitts incredible combination of natural beauty and vibrant culture gives the island an authentic soul. This paradise is part of the twin-island Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis and led by a stable, forward-thinking government with emphasis on historic preservation, green energy and sustainable development.

A quarter of St. Kitts is a designated national park. Above 1,000 feet you will find the American Oceanic Rainforest, one of the rarest ecosystems in the world, housing gumbo limbo trees, and green vervet monkeys. Also highlights of the incredible natural beauty of the island, the coral reefs below the stunning crystalline waters of St. Kitts are worth a visit — the government is working to create a marine protected area to preserve these pristine diving grounds.

St. Kitts plays host to concerts, festivals, and performances year round. Held each June, the Kitts Music Festival features live performances including Grammy award-winning artists to the island’s own musicians playing reggae, calypso, R&B and more. Mid-December through early January, the island nation gets a special burst of color and music for the annual St. Kitts-Nevis Carnival. Located in the heart of the Eastern Caribbean on Kitts, The Marina At Christophe Harbour is the area’s newest luxury resort and marina, featuring unparalleled beauty, upscale amenities, and state-of-the-art facilities. The centerpiece of this community is a 300-berth superyacht marina and village. Created by internationally acclaimed developers, The Marina at Christophe Harbour was built with the discerning yachtsman in mind, featuring state-of-the-art berths, 60 of which can accommodate world’s largest superyachts.

A protected entrance, safe inner harbor and a prime location in the heart of the Eastern Caribbean charter and cruising grounds make Christophe Harbour a top destination marina. The marina is easily accessible — only 15 minutes from the Robert Bradshaw International airport, which receives international flights from London, Toronto, New York and Miami.

The Pavilion is the exclusive Caribbean beach club for Christophe Harbour members and an epicenter for the St. Kitts island community especially during major events, such as Carnival.

Christophe Harbour is a perfect private or charter homeport for hopping along the Caribbean island chain, offering quick access to neighbouring Antigua, St. Barths, St. Maarten, and Anguilla. Sandy Bank is Christophe Harbour’s premier residential neighborhood and the heartbeat of the community.

Christophe Harbour is more than a marina. Spectacular nightlife, dining, shopping and boutique accommodations all can be found. Poised to be one of the great entertainment destinations in the Caribbean, Christophe Harbour promises a stimulating fusion of exhilarating style and peaceful seclusion, everything you’d expect from a premier destination port for discriminating travelers. Enjoy days of leisure or sport along the harbor edge, dazzling nightlife inside the marina village, which will be available winter 2015-2016, and tranquillity hidden in the hillside.

Further south, you will happen upon the unspoiled cruising destinations, of Grenada and the Grenadines, as well as Port Louis Marina, an ideal base from which to explore this fantastic region.

Bird's eye view of Grendada

Everything about Grenada is vibrant — from the translucent azure waters that surround the island to the colors of the roofs in the historic capital — and we can’t count out the rhythms and aromas that exemplify the local lifestyle. Here you will find secluded coves, scintillating beaches, breathtaking diving, nature reserves and a host of sporting activities on shore and afloat. Because Grenada is outside the hurricane belt the area offers perfect cruising any time of year, but the “in-season” is between December and May.

Bustling with activity and offering a wide assortment of fresh produce, spices and handicrafts, the market in Grenada’s capital, St. George, is the center of island life, as well as a fabulous local shopping experience. A bus service draws visitors from all over the island looking to peruse numerous souvenir, gift and craft shops prevalent in the St. George district, especially on Young Street and the Carenage waterfront.

Known as the Spice Island, the best buys in Grenada are the spices, especially nutmeg, locally made jams, jellies and syrups. Along with batik and locally made handicrafts, Grenada invites you to take a piece of the island’s culture home. The vast array of local spices mean Grenada is a gastronomic playground. Creole cuisine blends with classic West Indian flavors to create Grenada’s local specialties, while world-class restaurants cater to international appetites, providing classic French and Italian dishes. Fresh seafood in Grenada is a must-eat delight. Olidown is the national dish created from salted meat, onion, carrot, celery, breadfruit and dasheen stew with dumplings cooked in coconut milk — be sure to taste some while visiting. And where to stay on this idyllic island? Port Louis Marina currently operates 170 fully serviced berths for yachts of all sizes, including superyachts of 90 meters with six-foot draft. This luxury marina is ideally situated for cruising the beautiful waters of the Grenadines and, for those who fall in love with the Spice Island, offers marina slips for sale as a permanent home-base marina. Annual or seasonal rental and short-term visitor stays also are available.

Divers on a vibrant coral reef

There is a wide array of services available at Port Louis Marina, from diving and hiking, to yacht care. There also are some small shops on site for quick provisioning. Whether wintering in the eastern or southern Caribbean, there are plenty of beautiful locales to choose, but there are few better places than the luxury and lavishness of Port Louis Marina, Grenada, and The Marina at Christophe Harbour, St. Kitts.

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