Five Reasons to Take the Yacht to Saint Lucia in 2022

Posted April 15, 2022 in Travel by Janine St.Denis

For heat lovers and paradise seekers, summertime in the Caribbean provides the perfect temperatures for getting away from it all to bask in the tropical sunshine. Now is the time to book a summer holiday in the Caribbean sunshine. 

As exciting as it is to embark on a new journey, a certain level of pressure often accompanies travel planning. Choosing what to do and what to see can be difficult when the world is your oyster. Let us help you set sail in the right direction. Read on and discover five of our favorite reasons to make port in the awe-inspiring Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. Find your next escape here from luxurious, private experiences to jaw-dropping natural wonders.

The,Pitons,In,St.,Lucia,As,Seen,From,Jade,Mountain The Pitons

You can’t miss this iconic landmark when you visit the beautiful island of Saint Lucia. Although they appear to be mountains, the Pitons are volcanic plugs made of magma. This UNESCO world heritage site is located near the town of Soufrière, but you can see these giant peaks from almost anywhere in Saint Lucia. If you’re feeling adventurous, get up close and personal with the Pitons on a private hike through the rainforest or gaze upon them from above on a private helicopter tour. The picturesque Pitons are the perfect backdrop to your sunny Caribbean yacht charter.  

Exclusive,Luxury,Helicopter,Tour,In,The,Caribbean Private Helicopter Tours

One of the best ways to get acquainted with the beauty of Saint Lucia is from the sky. There’s nothing like a romantic, private helicopter tour with a loved one, sipping on your favorite champagne or simply marveling at the jaw-dropping scenery. See the Pitons, rainforests, waterfalls, and more in new ways. Soaking in the views from the top of the world is an exciting way to add some thrill to your otherwise relaxing yacht charter in Saint Lucia. 

Cabot St. Lucia Golf ocean World-class Golf & Real Estate

Saint Lucia is emerging as a destination for world-class championship golf, thanks primarily to the unparalleled Point Hardy Golf Club. From acclaimed golf course architects Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, Point Hardy Golf Club boasts 18-holes that wind through a stunning tropical terrain: from bared rocks and cliffs to tranquil, sandy shores. It’s a site that celebrates the natural topography of beautiful Saint Lucia, providing golfers with an experience unlike any other. 

Exclusive access to this golfer’s paradise is available through the all-new, private, luxury real-estate community of Cabot Saint Lucia. Whether you dream of taking in stunning vistas from a hilltop home or waking up right by the ocean, membership in the thriving Cabot Saint Lucia community gains access to world-class amenities, including golf at the Point Hardy Golf Club. From health and wellness to sports facilities, fine dining and more, you’ll find that building your dream home in Saint Lucia comes with so much more than you imagined. 

2,Cocoa,Pods,Growing,In,Saint,Lucia,For,Making,Chocolate Fresh-made, Local Chocolate 

Saint Lucia is a bucket-list destination if you’re a chocolate lover of all the Caribbean islands. The island is known worldwide for its chocolate, which many describe as “the Champagne of chocolate” due to its slightly savory taste. Envelop yourself in the rich history and tradition of chocolate production in Saint Lucia, and discover how a cacao pod turns into a delectable chocolate bar. While you’re busy learning about Saint Lucian chocolate, don’t forget to indulge and take some home, too.

Imported Image - ANTIGUA CLASSIC YACHT REGATTA 2018 The Mango Bowl Regatta

Saint Lucia is home to so many things to do at any time of year, especially if you’re a yachter or sailor. Visit the island in late fall and join the Saint Lucia Yacht Club in the Mango Bowl Regatta. This annual event brings sailors together from all over the world in a series of races on the water. Get competitive and bring your A-game, or just come along for the ride and spectate. The Mango Bowl Regatta is a must for any yachter or sailor. 

Find Paradise in Saint Lucia

Set sail towards Saint Lucia and discover a Caribbean oasis. Whether you’re looking for rest and relaxation or thrill and adventure, there’s something for everyone. No matter what you’re looking for, Saint Lucia is the perfect place for a yacht charter in 2022. For more details, click here.

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