Dock & Dine — Spring/Summer 2018

Posted September 9, 2018 in Travel by Janine St.Denis

The Lowdown on the Highlife

One of Malta’s premier seaside spots for dining, Caviar & Bull is perfectly perched on St. George’s Bay, overlooking the glistening waters. Diners can expect contemporary Mediterranean fare created by the award-winning Maltese chef Marvin Gauci. In his youth, Gauci worked at a restaurant where he cut his teeth in the kitchen. He then worked his way up the ranks at various restaurants and in 1997 moved to Ireland to pursue a culinary career. Eventually, Gauci returned to Malta where he opened his first restaurant. Gauci now runs five restaurants, three of which are located in Malta, including Caviar & Bull.

Gauci’s epicurean range runs the gamut of cuisines, but at his Maltese restaurant Caviar & Bull the menu is chock full of fresh, modern Med-style dishes that are sure to delight. Under the eye of Gauci is head chef Gianluca Lovero, who, together with Alice Guerrini who runs the front of the house, creates an exhilarating gastronomic experience for diners. The restaurant’s interior style is simple and elegant, allowing the stunning views of the sea and surrounding area and the food to take center stage.

The menu at Caviar & Bull is enchanting. Every dish uses locally sourced ingredients and the attention to detail is second to none. The tasting menus available are well suited for sharing. Try the seared wagyu beef carpaccio, the tiger prawns “ancient tempura,” or the Applewood house-smoked salmon. Other standout items include the sea bass iceberg flambé, the 200-degree flash-seared foie gras and Gauci’s signature “lobster popcorn.” The dessert menu features white chocolate and basil panacotta, chocolate fondant and vanilla crème brûlée.

Caviar & Bull Dining Room overlooking the water

Along with stunning scenery and incredible food, the restaurant offers a cocktail menu with “a molecular twist.” Furthermore, the wine list doesn’t disappoint with plenty of options for pairings with the delectable menu items.

Caviar & Bull is established in Malta as a distinguished option for fine dining for those with impeccable taste. Open for dinner daily from 6:30 to 11:00 p.m. and for lunch on Sundays from noon to 3:00 p.m., there’s nothing better than tendering ashore to the Corinthia Hotel in St. George’s Bay, St. Julian’s to enjoy a one-of-a-kind Maltese meal concocted by a Maltese master chef in a stunning setting.


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