Posted May 16, 2017 in Travel by Janine St.Denis

Situated in the heart of the antiquated and quaint town of Luang Prabang, which happens to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Azerai hotel offers simplistic sophistication. You will stay mere steps from the main street of this bustling little village, which is found at the meeting point of the Nam Khan and Mekong rivers approximately 350 meters above sea level in the lush mountains of Loas. More than 30 temples (knowns as Vats), French colonial buildings, former palaces and picturesque vistas can be found as you explore.

The site of the hotel originally was used for French officer’s quarters in the early 1900s. In 1961, the site underwent reconstruction and was transformed into the Phousi hotel, which later became the Luang Prabang — a prominent hot spot, until it closed in 2014. Shortly after Azerai began construction, working to redefine this historical site and drawing inspiration from traditional Lao and French colonial styles. The newly revamped hotel now offers stunning architecture and modern refinement with pops of antiquity.

Fifty-three rooms, in one of three categories: rooms, courtyard rooms and Azerai rooms, are available for guests. They all feature an open layout and luxury accompaniments. In the center of the hotel is a verdant courtyard with a 25-meter pool. The hotel features Azerai wellness, which offers exercise and fitness facilities and a range of spa options. A bistro-style restaurant is on offer with a variety of dining options.

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