Hot Luxury Water Toys and Tenders for Yachts

Posted April 22, 2015 in Lifestyle by Janine St.Denis

Almost as important as the yacht itself are the onboard amenities, which help create the perfect holiday for all aboard. a fully stocked onboard toy chest with all of the latest & greatest tenders & toys will open the door to even more fun & excitement.

DeepFlight Super Falcon Mark II

Space may be the final frontier, but there is a great deal of Earth itself that we have yet to explore. The ocean is a treasure trove, so why not dive deep? DeepFlight has created a top-tier personal submersible, the Super Falcon Mark II. As well as uncovering never-before-seen wonders; the Falcon also allows you to fly below the ocean’s surface and perform barrel rolls with dolphins, spy-hop with whales and soar through the sea in comfort, style and safety. When operating at depths of up to 120 meters, safety is paramount, and the Super Falcon Mark II was designed with safety also as top priority. What’s different about the Super Falcon is that the sub remains positively buoyant and no ballast is used to descend. The Falcon also has auto return to the surface to provide exceptional levels of safety. The hull design was crafted around the pilot, with a low frontal area and lightweight propriety pressure. Built for yachts, the Super Falcon Mark II allows embarking and disembarking on the surface, much like a yacht tender. At 5.9 meters in length, 2.7-meters wide when wings are deployed, 1.4 meters when folded, and 1.6-meters high, the Falcon will fit well on a superyacht; she weighs 1,818 kilograms. She’s also environmentally savvy. A high-efficiency brushless DC drivetrain and underwater lithium-iron-phosphate battery pack power the fast, quiet and clean sub. Super Falcon Mark II cruises between two and six knots and with a 40v system and low-electric signature, she won’t harm marine life or nearby swimmers. Super Falcon Mark II has a payload of 230 kilograms or two people.

V8 Wet Rod

V8 Wet Rod

The Wet Rod by Strand Craft hasn’t yet hit the water, but it’s already causing quite a sensation. The self-proclaimed “most powerful PWC” on the market is sure to pack a punch and will add a certain sex appeal to any onboard toy chest. Though still in development, but expected to launch in 2015, the Wet Rod will measure in at 16 feet (4.9 meters). Crafted of carbon fiber/epoxy, the Wet Rod will use a jet propulsion system to reach speeds of 65mph, powered by a 300-hp, 5.7-liter V8 engine. Dubbed as “the luxury PWC,” an icebox under the seat is able to store beverages and food while you take it out for a spin and a waterproof luggage box can store towels and other dry items. The Wet Rod also will offer an array of customization options, including choice of wood and carbon fiber inlays, paint, a sound system, a chrome engine dress-up kit, GPS navigation and more.


A veritable “sports car on the water,” the Quadrofoil is a one-of-a-kind electric hydrofoiling PWC, perfectly suited for zipping around beautiful harbors and exploring idyllic ports. Fly above the water thanks to the hydrofoils and the patented Quadrofoil steering technology. The Quadrofoil not only is fast and fun, it’s also an economically friendly mode of transportation. An electric outboard motor and special steering system designed specifically for the Quadrofoil allow it to cruise quietly at speeds of 21 knots without producing emissions or wake. The Quadrofoil has a range of up to 54 nautical miles; it recharges fully in less than two hours. Safety was a top priority when designing the Quadrofoil, so it’s is virtually unsinkable thanks to an airtight top module and foil hydrodynamics that create balance and stabilization. The first edition of the Quadrofoil is set for delivery in 2015.


Iguana 29

The ultimate in luxury on water or on land, the dynamic and impressive Iguana 29 is the definition of amphibious luxury. From her gold-plated stairway, cleats, rails and table to leather trims and a yacht-quality paint and interior, the Iguana 29 is perfectly suited to add to a yacht’s tender arsenal. This craft is outfitted with landing gear mounted with rubber tracks, giving it the ability to climb anywhere, even with heavy loads. The iguana 29 is available in three models: the Exclusive, the Classic and the Adventure. The interior of the Exclusive is inviting and impeccably designed. The Iguana 29 seats seven comfortably in contemporary fashion, and state-of-the-art technology ensures ease of use. A front monitor provides information on all electronic systems, an all-in-one GPS and sound system. The Classic, provides guests with first-class comfort and the finest materials are used to create a beautiful addition to any yacht. Color and finish customization is possible. The finest materials are utilized to create a stunning addition to any yacht with many customizable options, including colors and finish. The Adventure is a robust craft, much like a four-by-four. It features all-terrain capability and can be used for off-roading and cruising. The Adventure provides access to more remote fishing, diving and hiking spots. The interior is comfortable and practical, with extra space for gear. The rubber floor and cushions allow for easy clean up if the outing gets a bit dirty. The Iguana 29 is powered by a two-liter, four-cylinder electronic injection engine, paired with three electronic hydraulic pumps, wire controlled by the computer located in the console.

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