Posted June 15, 2016 in Lifestyle by Janine St.Denis

Pens produced in three primary color variations each will be limited to production of only 800 pieces, including fountain pen and roller-ball styles.

Crafted from .925 sterling silver, the Magna Carta Collection incorporates multiple levels of diamond-cut Guilloché engraving and a combination of Translucent and Opaque Hard Enamels. Each individual component is Guilloche-engraved and repeatedly kiln-fired and filed by hand, resulting in the beautiful and enduring finish.

Article 39 of the Magna Carta is featured on the barrel of each Magna Carta collection piece. Inscribed in Latin, the saying is translated to be: “ No free-man shall be seized, or imprisoned, or disseized of land, or outlawed, or in any way destroyed; nor will we condemn him, nor will we commit him to prison, excepting by the legal judgment of his peers, or by the laws of the land.”

Each translucent hard enamel pen cap features the Union Jack and each opaque hard enamel pen barrel features the American flag. The pen cap is crowed with the primary seal of King John, which was used to authenticate the document in 1215.

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