The Inventive World of Favorite Superyacht Toys and Tenders

Posted March 1, 2019 in Lifestyle by Janine St.Denis

48 Wallytender

The iconic Wally Yachts runabout is reborn in a new 48-footer. It’s the first collaboration between Wally and the Ferretti Group. It retains the bold styling that is a trademark of a Wally brand with angular lines and a sleek windscreen. The 48 Wallytender is an update on the original Wallytender, while bringing in new design features and amenities. Taking a note from the larger 118 Wallypower motor yacht, the new 48 shares its innovative opening bulwark. The aft sections of the bulwarks fold down, creating a larger swim platform for sunning and easy access to the water.

The cockpit seating can be configured to create a large sun pad aft or face inward to the dining table. The runabout also boasts a more voluminous interior with plenty of space to tuck away for an afternoon nap or rinse off the saltwater in a full-size shower. A day boating dream, there’s plentiful storage for watersport toys and also two separate cooking areas — in the cabin and alfresco — for keeping you satiated while enjoying a day on the water. Powered by new Volvo IPS 650 engines with a total of 1,020hp as standard, the 48 Wallytender can reach a top speed of 38 knots, and joystick controls make handling a breeze.

Wally tender

Forty Love X40 Express Tender

The “forty” in Reliant Yachts’ new X40 Express tender has a double meaning: not only is the boat 40 feet long, she has been proven in sea trials to run smoothly at 40 knots, topping out at 40.7 knots at 3,300rpm. Reliant has created a modern take on the New England “Down East” express yacht. The X40 Express has the protected wheelhouse that’s indicative of this style of yacht, but a silver-painted hull and teak topsides give a touch of glamour. A contemporary profile combines clean lines with a straight plumb bow, and a low-profile cap-rail — painted to match the silver hull — frames the beautifully finished deck.

The X40 Express isn’t all she seems — the carbon fiber hardtop can be removed, transforming this coupe into a sexy convertible. No matter the version the owner enjoys, he/ she and guests will be comfortable in the deep protected cockpit that offers seating for at least eight adults in high-backed leather bench seats. Reliant worked to max out the interior as well, which features a stateroom, bathroom with shower and a galley and is a perfect escape from the sun on a day out or for an overnighter. Best of all, the tender has been designed to slip into her mothership’s garage.

Forty Love X40 Express Tender
Land & Sea Gibbs Sports Amphibians Terraquad

Have a James Bond moment by taking the wheel of this wildly fun amphibious vehicle. One moment you’re racing along the road, the next you’re driving down the beach and straight into the water. The Gibbs Sports Amphibians Terraquad is designed to take on land or sea with ease, doing 50mph on land and 45mph in the water. It only takes five seconds to transition from one mode to the other, and less than three seconds to get up onto the plane in the water, so your Bond-style chase scene will go down without a hitch.

Created by Michigan-based Gibbs Sports Amphibians, this aquatically inclined amphibious Jeep is a step-up from Gibbs’ previous invention, the QuadSki, which combined an ATV and a Jetski for fun in the water or on terra firma. Independent coil springs and hydraulic dampers make the suspension stable, even as you off-road. The Terraquad is powered by Gibbs’ proprietary jet drive, and includes features like trail and marine navigation lighting, should you find yourself away from safe harbor once the sun has set.

Land & Sea Gibbs Sports Amphibians Terraquad
Sea It all Seabob F5 SR

The new Seabob F5 SR combines the thrill of flying underwater with the ability to capture your dolphin-like exploits on a built-in camera. It is the most powerful — and fastest — Seabob yet with the F5 SR’s E-Jet Power System packing a punch. Yet it’s also perfectly adept at slower speeds and easy to control in a low gear. Two rear fins aide in maneuverability and stability as you drive and dive beneath the surface. An extra bit of fun is found in the Seabob Camsystem, which has two full-HD cameras built into the body of the watercraft. One is set in the bow to look at the watery road ahead, the other is a selfie cam to capture your sheer glee. And Wi-Fi transmission allows this footage to be easily shared with those who prefer to stay above the waterline.

This Seabob can also be personalized to match your yacht’s trademark color scheme for no extra charge. Weighing just 77 pounds, it’s easy to deploy and takes up little space in the tender stowage with a patented Seabob rack available to keep it in place.

Sea It all Seabob F5 SR

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